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Why Being Remarkable Begins with Remarkable Signage: Client Stories Pusateri’s Fine Foods

SSK Signs is proud to provide high quality, custom commercial signage for our partner, Pusateri’s Fine Foods. As Pusateri’s has expanded their successful business, we’ve worked with them to create attractive and functional exterior and interior commercial signs to promote their stores and brand.

When we first approached Pusateri’s, they required the fabrication and installation of custom, large-scale exterior building signs for one of their construction sites. After a few meetings to discuss their company and how we could fulfill their signage needs, Pusateri’s decided that SSK Signs was a great fit for their company, and selected us as their commercial signage provider.

Pusateri's Perforated Film Window Graphics in Oakville

We spoke with Paolo Pusateri, Brand Manager for Pusateri’s Fine Foods, about Pusateri’s experience working with SSK Signs.

“We have a great working relationship, and we are ultimately building better signs because of our collaboration together,” said Pusateri. “There are challenges on construction projects…. When we come in with the sign piece there’s always on-site adjustments that we have to work around that we didn’t initially consider because they weren’t in the drawings or the initial plan. SSK has been very accommodating. If I’m not happy with something, if it doesn’t fit in the space, we work to make it right. I definitely have a trusted partner in the industry now.”

Dimensional Letters at Pusateri's Sherway Gardens

While SSK Signs initially partnered with Pusateri’s to create exterior building signs for their storefronts and construction sites, and our positive relationship has expanded to include custom interior signage for their stores.

Interior signage Pusateri's

“Interior signage is actually a very new concept for Pusateri’s, we didn’t really have much in the way of fabricated custom installations,” said Pusateri. “It’s a nice, positive step in the right direction for us to add a bit more brand personality in the interior of the space. It’s all been well-received…. I believe that [SSK Signs] will do the right thing for the customer to get the job done.”

Pusateri's Light Boxes in Oakville

SSK Signs prides ourselves in fostering positive, longstanding client relationships. This means we go above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy, and the job is done correctly and efficiently. We work hard to ensure our clients have quality, attractive building signs, commercial signage, and corporate signage signs to promote their businesses. Our client success stories are a testament to how much we value providing high quality signage products and customer service excellence.

If you need interior or exterior commercial signage, building signs, or corporate signage for your office, SSK Signs can provide the custom signage solutions you need. Our company is run by a team of trusted experts whose passion, creativity, and experience have made them leaders in the sign industry. Our vision is to make our clients look great by elevating their brand using custom signage that suits their needs and brand aesthetic. Our team will even help you choose the ideal signage type for your business, the best location to place it, and install it for you. Visit our website today to learn more about our variety of commercial signage options, and request a quote.

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