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What are the Different Types of Signs

There are enormous varieties of signs.

External signs

These are the business images you see when you drive or walk down the street of any urban metropolis. To stand out from the visual clutter, your sign must deliver the maximum impact. It should also clearly present the brand and capture approval.

Fascia sign and window graphics installed in Brampton

Internal signs

These signs are encountered after the client enters the building premises. Their function is to reinforce the brand of the organization. They also help customers to know their location and how to navigate the interiors of the building. Signage can be utilized to direct visitors to the different locations within the business. With good interior signage, you can avail of opportunities to present offers and provide deals. This results in more sales.

Outdoor signage

It is bigger than life. Outdoor signs grab the attention of the audience like no other. It presents you the opportunity to publicize your brand and direct potential customers to your business. You can also exhibit your services and products to target customers. Outdoor signs are made to exhibit your services and products to the target customers. The signage should preferably be creative and must attract customers to the business.

Illuminated signage

This is vital if your business peak hours are after sundown. You can also opt for this signage if you want your business to have 24 hour exposure. Electrical signage professionals are a must for installation and maintenance of signs in neon, fluorescent and incandescent lights. The newest option is LED- which saves energy and also a considerable amount of money in maintenance.

Focusing on the aesthetic appeal, even lighting and optimal brightness in illuminated signage will make your business more successful than ever before.

Halo lit channel letters installed in Toronto

Halo lit channel letters

Fabricated signage or 3D signage

The Three Dimensional signage or fabricated signage provides your sign that extra punch. These work everywhere- from a pylon sign which greets potential customers on the street to a light box for an impressive message or the fabricated letters or custom signs for a personalised flair. You need the correct combination of shadows, contrast, lighting, and halo effects and materials to differentiate the brand in any marketplace.

3D dimensional letters installed in Toronto

3D dimensional letters

Vehicle Graphics

You can turn any car into a mobile billboard. This is possible with the clever use of digitally printed or vinyl graphics. You can either go for a complete vehicle wrap or clean and crisp graphics on strategic areas of the vehicle body. The former will provide your company maximum exposure. Standard products in these type of signage include vinyl graphics, spare wheel covers, vehicle wrapping, magnetic signs or digital prints. The size of the vehicle size and shape dictates the area for messaging.

Digital printing

To bring your signs to life, there is nothing better than digital printing. It offers the maximum promotional value and is made of a vibrant mix of messages, graphics and photographs. This is less of a sign and more of an advertisement for your business. These work extremely well and they can be targeted at the potential customers walking in through the door. Examples of these kinds of signs include canvas, reflective signs, wallpaper, posters, and polypropylene.

Custom wall graphics of world map installed in Toronto

Custom wall graphics

Computer cut lettering

Computer cut vinyl is available in any colour and can deliver any message in corporate colours. Vinyl is cut by computer and can be subsequently applied to a number of smooth substrates like sign panels, boards, A-boards, storefronts, and windows. They can also be applied to metal, glass, and acrylic.

Safety signs

These include the mandatory safety signs, fire exit signs, traffic signs, reflective signs, hazard signs, and road signs.

If it provides any message – it’s a sign.

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