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When is a sign permit required in Mississauga

To set up a business establishment in Mississauga, there is a major chance that you need a sign to attract and guide customers to your business.

Exterior sign that requires a permit

Exterior sign that requires a permit

You may need the following permits:

  • Sign permit: It controls placement, type and size of signs. This permit also dictates the method of installation. There exists particular forms and drawings needed to complete this application. You may also need engineering drawings.
  • Occupancy permit: A few jurisdictions need a permit at the time of installation. This is needed as the street or sidewalk could be occupied to prepare a sign. There is a chance that off duty police officers may be needed to control the traffic.
  • Electrical permit: This is needed to connect all the electrical signs

The laws applicable to Mississauga are complex due to the applicability of planning law. There can be special rules for conservation areas and parks. You can get permission only if there is a consent of the surrounding circumstances.

New graphics don't require a permit

New graphics don’t require a permit

Special Requirements

For Fascia signs and ground based billboards, some extra details must also be provided:

For Fascia Signs

  • The dimensions of the building on which the new sign is going to be installed;
  • The positions of all the entrances of the building;
  • The names of all the occupants of the building for which the sign installation application is being made
  • Identification of all signs already installed (if any) on the building.

For Ground-based Billboards

  • Information on any existing structures on the premises;
  • Identification of any existing or proposed rights-of-way over the land;
  • The location of any existing deciduous trees and landscaping;
  • Identification of adjacent land uses;
  • The setback of the proposed sign from the property line, residential land and other billboards.

Signs and associated urban planning

The important factor to be noted is that any sign is regarded as an advertisement. A sign could consist of logo or lettering. In some cases, it may not. Any advertising under the sun can be differentiated into any of three categories. Consent is only for one of them.

Signs may not be included into planning control in case they adhere to few conditions. Such a condition list includes road signs and price tags. Also included under this category are indoor advertising and national flags. Examples of indoor advertising are promotion within the confines of shopping centers. There are no permits needed for election notices. Sign permits are not generally needed for those that are in motion, like taxi, bus, ship or train.

Interior signs do not require permits

Interior signs do not require permits

Deemed consent

Deemed consent signs are those signs that fall into second category. No specific permission is needed to put up such installations. A specific permission in this case is known as “express consent”. It is to be noted that you have no absolute right to display such an advertisement. The local planning authority can order you to take the sign down. Signs in this particular category must fulfill a few conditions:

  • The signs must be always clean and tidy
  • They should be safely installed
  • In case you are not the site owner where the sign is displayed, due permission must be had from the owner
  • Signage must not obscure or hinder any railway, waterway, official road or aircraft signs. It should not contribute to hazards.
  • It must be removed if requested by the Mississauga planning authority.

Mississauga sign by-law

The Mississauga City Council enacted the Mississauga sign by-law to keep the city free of litter and clean. These include unwanted advertising and signage. This piece of legislation regulates the following kinds of signs scattered all over the city.

  • Sidewalk signs by permit applications
  • Window signs by location of signs
  • Directional signs by duration and zoning category
  • New construction or development by penalties imposed for contravening signage
  • Portable and inflatable signs by size of signs, like setbacks, height and area

All property and business owners have responsibility to make sure that the signs are compliant with sign by-law.

A few signs need both a sign permit and also a building permit to comply with sign by-law. The two reviews are done at the same time. In most cases, these signs are structurally solid. Examples of these kind of signs are billboards and construction site signs.

A professional sign company will be able to handle the permitting process to ensure all the required documents are complete upfront to speed the process along. The time required to get a permit can be as little as a few weeks or as long as many months if you are trying to get approval for a sign that is outside the current by-law.

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