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The Importance of a Signage Project Manager

Even the smallest sign project needs good project management. The project manager must carefully analyse the task at hand and identify all risks. The manager must plan properly and put everything in their respective places.


The project manager suggested the backing plate to cover outlets while maintaining the look specified by the designer

The importance of a project manager becomes apparent when it comes to tackling multiple sites simultaneously, complex signs and or obtaining permits. The issue of third party environments and sign permits along with installers and different production times must be identified. The manager is the one solely responsible for daily operations. Each extra requirement means complexity being multiplied. It needs a little more time to make sure that the complete project is planned out as it should be to ensure a successful outcome.

A good project manager understands that a few hours to plan any project will save it from a delay of days or even weeks later. The project manager is the person who is responsible for any signage project to stay on budget and on time.

Managing projects

204-Lobby-Sign   203-Lobby-Sign

The project manager found an installation method that showed no hardware. A through site inspection found each floor was not identical.

The importance of a project manager comes to the fore when it comes to managing large scale or complex projects. Project managers, as evidenced by the name itself, offer total project management services.

A dedicated project manager in sign work is allocated to make sure that all the expectations are met. Quality, budget and timing are not to be compromised. The person must also communicate in an effective manner and have complete transparency. Clients expect to get costing and timely progress reports all through the project time line. This will make sure that it will be possible for the customer to track expenses and deliverables as well.

The project manager should be familiar with all local government and other relevant authority requirements. The manager should make sure that there is full compliance and the same in the approval process. If there exists any need to get a permit for an installation or arranging a traffic management plan for permitting building signage upgrades on any busy street, the project manager must be equipped with all expertise and knowledge to guide anyone through this process.

The project manager will be needed for participation in the post-installation audit. It is the responsibility of the project manager to guide the team members through the process and make sure that the client is satisfied with the end results.

Making customer’s vision a reality


Permits were obtain in a timely manner to keep the project on schedule

A project manager for the signage industry should ensure that graphic designers use the most appropriate technology and the software so that savvy and functional solutions are produced.

It is one of the responsibilities of the project manager to involve designers in the initial engagement with the customer. The approach permits the team to understand the business and the specific needs, along with any kind of restrictions before starting any conceptual work.? When it comes to designing marketing collateral, vehicle wraps, wall signs or event display signage, the manager must work the designer to find solutions that best represents the brand.

The project manager always keeps in mind that the brand is important to the client and represents the identity of the customer like no other. The co-operation between the company’s manufacturing technicians and creative specialists will result in an excellent comprehension of the solutions that are valid for production. The project manager must make sure that the designs of the customers’ must never be compromised unnecessarily.

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