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Material Options For Wall Murals

If one picture equals thousand words, then a large picture may be worth millions more. Wall murals are a surefire way to attract customers. These murals show your existing and potential clients what your business offers.

Custom wall mural printed on smooth wallpaper and installed in Toronto

Material options

Custom wallpaper printing permits you to create stunning murals which converts any dull space into the kind of space that you always wanted. To give an example, the lobby of your company may have an eye popping mural extended from the floor to the ceiling. If you own a restaurant, you can have photos of unique locations to set the mood. You can strengthen your brand by ordering custom wall coverings.

To achieve high quality digitally printed wallpaper, you need to provide the mural manufacturer high resolution digital art or digital photos. A number of stock photo sites exist online where you can find the picture you are looking for. If you purchase a digital photo, go for the highest available resolution. A majority of digital photos can be used for the creation of custom wall coverings, it is dependent on the resolution and the typical viewing distance when the mural is installed. Logos and type can be added during the creation process.

Wall mural printed on cast vinyl and laminated. Installed in Toronto

Selecting the correct material

You want to make the perfect mural for your wall. You should take into consideration a few factors before you finalize the product to buy. Include the following into your consideration:

  • Can installation problems be caused by a window or a door? The shape of the wall and its variations must be considered.
  • Factor in the wall surface. Find out whether it is smooth or rough. Select the correct items to adhere to the surface. Your sign company may need to test a number of materials on your specific surface to confirm the adhesion characteristics of your walls.
  • Factor in the length of time the mural will be installed there. Consider whether the mural is a permanent one or temporary seasonal graphic. You should also take in the possibility that the mural can be re-used. There are some short term (up to 2 years) vinyl products or permanent wall coverings available.

Why wall murals

  • They attract the eye: The large size of the wall graphic simply supersedes the mundane graphic and makes images pop. Attention is naturally gained from all customers- be they old or new.
  • Making a statement: Your mural can be unique, you can make bold statements about your business. When used judiciously, they will assist your branding efforts and your company logo to make an excellent impression on your customers.
  • Increasing revenues: Research has revealed that emotions are affected by colour. It is a known fact that sales are driven by emotions. Customers are attracted by large, bright and bold images. They are touched on an emotional level, and thus make a purchase.
  • Useful in any location: The wall murals are simply not restricted to the sales floor walls. It is an excellent idea to smarten up the conference room for a more creative thought process. The lobby can be done up similarly, or a previously dull corridor to an exciting new place.
  • Better than paint: It could take an artist weeks to custom paint your walls. In contrast, wall murals can be easily and efficiently installed. There are a number of material available that allow murals to be easily installed on a textured surface.

Sample of textured wallpaper with a plaster finish

The earlier you get a professional sign company involved in the process the happier you’ll be with the outcome. Custom wall coverings are an expanding market, make sure you are working with a company that is staying current with the new options that are being released. As you become aware of the selection available you may alter the images you want applied and how the rest of the room will be finished. If you were looking to create a stucco look, but didn’t want to go to the expense of a custom plaster job, it would be nice to know that there is a wall covering that looks like stucco that can still have custom images printed on it. Good luck creating your unique environment.

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