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How Long Should a Vehicle Wrap Last?

Vehicle wraps consist of a printed vinyl sheet being wrapped around a vehicle. It is a method of advertising for many businesses. A standard wrap usually tends to be bright coloured and contains attention grabbing graphics. It is designed to attract other drivers or any person located within the sight of the car, truck, bus, train, boat or airplane.

vehicle wrap installed in Mississauga

(A full wrap helps to promote your brand.)


Short Term Wraps

For promotional purposes a wrap may only be required for a couple of days or a few months. In these cases some promotional materials without laminate may be the prudent way to proceed. Another option for short term promotions is to apply a temporary graphic over an existing laminated wrap. Once the promotion is over the temporary graphic can be removed without damaging the long term wrap.

Long Term Wraps

A standard vehicle wrap can be used anywhere between three to seven years. The over laminate and the inks both have built in UV protection to resist fading over time. The technology in the removable adhesive used for long term wraps means the custom graphics will be professionally displayed for years and then come off easily. If a vinyl with a permanent adhesive is applied to a vehicle and left for years it will be extremely difficult to remove. Often taking longer to remove than it was to apply. The tough vinyl is resistant to most scratches and tears. Wraps can withstand hand washing but high pressure water may cause the vinyl to lift away from the edges so this method is not recommended. If you have your vehicle wrapped, it is not advisable to use scratch removers or rubbing compounds on the wraps. A number of waterless washes can also be used for faster touch up.

Wrap removal in progress on a van

(When the wrong vinyl is applied it takes much longer to remove.)

The wrong vinyl leaves adhesive behind when removed.

(The wrong vinyl leaves adhesive behind when removed.)

Vehicle wraps are manufactured and marketed by specialty companies. The cost of doing a wrap is low when compared to the costs of doing a custom paint job. Sign companies assist in both design and also the custom fit of the wrap. Any colour can be selected for the wrap. The list of possible textures include gloss and semi-gloss, chrome, matte and metallic flake among many others. Mock-ups, like any other kinds of print advertising, are first completed and then approved prior to the start of final product. If it is approved, then the vinyl gets printed and laminated.

After the wrap gets printed, a time of about two days is required to install it in a majority of vehicles. Specially trained technicians employed by the wrapping companies then install the material. A professionally done wrap will appear on the vehicle like as it is custom printed. There may be visible seams on advertising wraps or no seams on a colour change. The entire vehicle may be covered by the wrap or a few portions only, like doors and hood. The best marketing area is the rear of the vehicle as other vehicles have more time to read this area.

Van wrap for a restaurant in Mississauga

Benefits of wrapping your vehicle

  • The wrap does not devalue the vehicle’s resale value. A paint job, however, decreases the asking price of the car. A wrap will protect the paint from stone chips which may increase the resale value.
  • Vinyl car wraps effectively protect the painting done by original equipment manufacturer and have the benefit of being completely removable.
  • Lease agreements and warranties continue to be valid. The warranties can be made void by painting and the latter also increase insurance expenses.
  • Expense of vehicle wrap is less than comparable paint jobs.
  • Vinyl car wraps are available in every colour and finish. Unlike paints which must be colour matched in case of scratches, in case of wrap, only the affected portion is re-wrapped.
  • Vehicle wraps are almost indistinguishable from paint. It appears to be sprayed on to the body of the car.
  • Wraps are affordable. You can completely wrap the car or parts of it. You can only wrap parts like the stripes, hood, roof and mirrors if you want to do so.
  • Unlike the matte paint jobs which are brittle, the vinyl are much more durable and much tougher to be scratched. In case one part of the car needs to be repaired, the affected part can be effortlessly replaced, offering an excellent match.

Truck wrap for a company in Toronto

Repairs are easy to do. It is possible to change the graphics and wording on wrap. Any new information will simply be pressed on the top of the older portion. The wrap is sensitive to pressure and can be easily removed. There is no damage to either the paint finish and nor to the car. However, it is recommended that you allow professionals to do the job. They have the expertise to correctly do the removal process.

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