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What Are Wayfinding Signs?

Ever been to a mall? Well, if you have, you’re sure to have noticed those large signs that tell you where you exactly are and where you need to go. Ever wondered what those signs are called? Well, those large displays are basically called ‘Wayfinding Signs’.


As the name suggests, Wayfinding Signs help people find their way around a place. It could be a mall, an organization, or a museum. The point here is that without those wayfinding signs, people would probably end up running around for hours trying to find the place or spot they’re looking for.

Why you need wayfinding signs ?


If you run a business, then a wayfinding sign can serve as an extension of your brand. They can serve as tools to boost the customer’s experience and in turn, your relationship with the customer. To put it simply, your customers will keep coming back to you for business.

The lack of proper wayfinding signs can make it hard for a person to navigate their way to your office or location of operations. In fact, customers have been known to get frustrated and avoid places that are too hard to locate.

The inability to navigate a certain location plays with our fear of the unknown; a type of fear that everybody has. Just imagine going to a certain location and not being able to figure out where to park or where you’re even supposed to go. On the other hand, if there were wayfinding signs to guide you, your overall experience is bound to be much better.

For instance, if there were markers showing you where to turn or direct you to the right path, wouldn’t things be much easier? That’s what smart businesses do. They anticipate the needs of their customers and address them in a proactive manner.

Types of wayfinding signs


There are all kinds of wayfinding signs. Though they all serve the same basic purpose of helping people find their way, people still need specific information. For instance, monument signs are particular types of wayfinding signs that mark specific locations in an area.

Imagine a mall with multiple parking lots. Now, how would this mall direct customers to the entrance of each parking lot or how would customers know which parking lot is closest to the department where they want to shop at?

This is where monument signs come in.  They display specific details about the venue or location.

Then come the panel and post markers. Panel and post markers serve as follow up signs to monument signs. They provide directions to the particular shop or outlet that the customer is looking for.

Now, once the customer is inside the shop, how does he/she determine where her choice of products is? This is where a hanging directory comes into play. These are wayfinding signs hung over aisles in a supermarket or any other kind of store. They tell the customer what kind of products they can expect to find down that particular aisle.

Similarly, there are many such wayfinding signs that are specific to each setting. You can find wayfinding signs that are designed exclusively for malls, supermarkets, schools, organizations, government offices and hospitals etc.


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Get your wayfinding signs now!

No matter what kind of an organization or business you run, you will need wayfinding signs to make life a little easier for your patrons. So give SSK Signs a call to discuss your wayfinding sign needs.

We can provide you with the best solutions possible. Whether it is custom interior signs, custom exterior signs or even ADA compliant signs, we’ll provide you with exactly what you need.

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