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It’s Time to Upgrade to LED Signage

If you run a company, you probably have corporate signage and commercial signage that alert passersby that you’re open for business. But did you know there’s a better way to advertise your business than plain professional signs? Custom outdoor signs with LED lights offer a myriad of benefits over regular outdoor signs.

Cost Effective and Long Lasting

If you’ve been paying attention to electricity prices, you know that LED lights use less energy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They also have the benefit of lasting longer than other types of bulbs. This means you’ll need to replace the lights in your LED corporate signage or commercial signage less often, and you’ll get professional signs that brightly advertise your business while using only a small amount of electricity.

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Brighter than Neon Signs

Step outside and look at your property. Is your signage visible to cars driving by, or people walking on the other side of the street? If your signs aren’t allowing everyone to see where your business is, it’s time for a change. LED signs will shine brighter than traditional neon signs, which means your sign will be noticeable day and night. The brightness of LED lights makes them a perfect addition to your custom outdoor sign. LED signage will also ensure your sign stands out amongst the crowd of traditional signs.


LED lights are available in a rainbow of colours, and warm and cool undertones. There are even LED lights that change colours. The array of bright colours makes LED lights the perfect way to ensure your custom outdoor sign attracts the eye of passersby on the street. Custom signs that look bright and colourful will feel inviting to passersby, and they’ll be more inclined to check out your business.

Eye Catching

The greatest benefit of custom signs with LED lights is that they look great, and make your business look professional and unique. If your signage doesn’t immediately catch the eye of busy passersby, they will simply keep moving, and may not even know your business is there! Corporate signage and commercial signage with LED lights will ensure your sign is always noticed.

If you need custom outdoor signs for your property, contact the experts at SSK Signs. We offer quality custom signs for all your corporate and commercial signage needs. SSK Signs specializes in creating attractive and modern professional signs for any business. We’ll help you choose the best signage type for your company, the ideal location to place it and install it for you. Visit our website to view our full selection of professional signs and contact us for a free quote!

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