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Design Options For Lobby Signs

The lobby sign in your office is arguably the first impression your customers and clients form about you. A well designed and executed lobby sign exudes business confidence. It also inspires loyalty. The business relationship tone is also set by a good lobby sign.


High quality lobby signs are not an expense, they are an investment, which is integral to brand and visual identity. Reputed signage companies can create custom lobby signs, which leave the right impression on both your employees and customers.

A quality sign maker will exclusively use a variety of materials to create the right sign for your business. Having a creative designs for your lobby signs will mirror the professional image you want to show. Lobby signs are found in multiple variety of materials, mounting options, colours and finishes. The finished sign at the end is perfect for your image, budget, space and decor.

Dimensional Letters

Select from a wide range of architectural grade materials, metal laminates and acrylic. Each piece and letter of the logo is cut individually and then wall mounted. Custom metal logos can be produced by machining or casting.

Dimensional logos are found in a variety of options:

  • Brass: It is an apt choice for a classic and professional look
  • Stainless steel: It ranges from the standard C304 to marine standard alloys having better corrosion resistance. There are ample opportunities for the logo sign options
  • Bronze: Cut bronze letters are available in brushed, patina, polished and oxidized finishes.
  • Aluminum: It is the most popular option. You can select from anodized or a polished finish. Customized PMS colours are also available.
  • Copper: Custom cut copper signs are available in polished or brushed finishes.


Panel Mounted

These make an excellent way to add an additional design element for your sign. All logos and letters can be panel mounted. It makes a great way to differentiate the sign from the wall. This can create a better contrast from the wall colour, or add a shadow effect. Similarly, panel signs are recommended if the sign is installed on difficult surfaces like granite or stone tile as there will be fewer mounting holes required.

There are a number of options when you come to panel material:

  • Clear acrylic panel. Includes letters mounted on acrylic.
  • Frosted acrylic panel
  • Brushed aluminum panel
  • Wood panel
  • Metal laminate panel with acrylic
  • Etched glass panel
  • Raised metal logo on glass panel

A number of options exist in lighted panel signs:

  • Edge-lit glass signs
  • Aluminum lighted panel with reverse cut
  • Fabricated aluminum made lighted panel
  • Fabricated stainless steel lighted panel

Back-lit lobby signs

A number of options exist for back-lit lobby signs:

  • Back-lit “Halo” lit letters made of stainless steel
  • Edge-lit glass signs
  • Reverse cut lighted panel made of aluminum
  • Fabricate lighted panel made of metal

These signs offer an element of visual excitement and interest to the office and sign space. They are illuminated low voltage signs made of modern LED lights.

Mounting Methods

Stand Offs

By installing the sign with studs with stand off spacers the sign will appear to float on the wall. When using dimensional letters this will also create a shadow effect depending of the positioning of the lights.


Flush Mounted

Double sided tape can be used to mount your sign directly on the wall.


Call a professional sign company to learn how to improve your lobby.

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