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Why and How Professional Offices Use Etched Glass Film

Etched glass film is an excellent way to cover any window or windows when the window does not look onto a great view. It also makes for excellent privacy and thus suitable for medical offices, lawyers, accountants, dentists, and other professional offices.


Why Etched Glass Film

Most people prefer to work in environment that has access to sunlight. However, the amount of sunlight let in by standard windows is not always ideal for the situation. Etched glass film reduces the amount of light coming in as well as distorts images behind it. This makes an ideal solution for areas that are too bright or to add the additional privacy the environment requires.

Different Uses Of Etched Glass Film


Lawyers, financial advisors, and doctors need to establish a secure setting to discuss topics that a lot of people are uncomfortable with. Etched glass film helps to find the balance between being private but not being too enclosed.

With different levels of transparency available, there are different looks and levels of privacy possible. Your visitors will feel more comfortable discussing private matters if they can’t be seen by passersby. You can be comfortable knowing the confidential documents cannot be read through the etched glass film. For the curious, the only thing they will see is an indistinct view of the things located close to the glass. To strike a balance between privacy and allowing light to enter it is possible to install the film in strategic locations to blur normal sight lines while keeping the lower and upper levels clear to maximize on the amount of light.


Standard Designs

The etched glass films provide customized privacy and allow adequate natural light to enter at the same time. The design varieties are limited only by the imagination, with one producer, 3M, having more than 50 standard patterns available off the shelf. Frosted, dots, prisms, stripes, linen are all possible. These range from the subtle to the sophisticated, from almost clear to almost opaque. The frosted glass films add decorative elegance to any standard glass surface: windows, glass doors, and cabinet doors among many others.

Standard Designs   Standard Designs2

Custom Cutting

It is possible to create one of a kind designs on glass for doors or windows. Since any design can be cut from some of these materials, and then applied to your windows. You can customize the look to best suit your brand. It can be cut by computer to any desired shape- including lettering and abstract designs. A corporate logo can be created to generate a customized space, this can be taken away or replaced when you want a new look for your office. The films also reduce glare and thus soothes the eyes for people working in commercial environments. Since it costs much less than sand blasted glass, it also helps to stay within the budget

Custom Cutting

If you are looking to change the ambience in your office, consider using etched glass film.


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