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A Good Sign Can’t Overcome a Bad Installation

A good sign looks excellent only if it is given a perfect installation. Any sign when installed poorly can destroy the overall appearance of the sign. Ask any sign maker and the answer will be the same: the hardest part of the sign trade is the sign installation itself. Installation is done by dedicated staff.



Installation of signs are an important component in sign making. The sign company’s role is not restricted to simple sign production, but proper installation as well. The installation determines success of any project. The sign could get damaged during the installation process. If this happens it can take hours to place the sign in its intended spot. In case the sign is intended to be exhibited for a much longer period, the structure which supports it must be robust enough to last. To put it simply, sign manufacturers must determine mechanically and electrically the best method to install any sign. The installation method should be considered during the design phase to ensure the permit can be obtained and the install does not require specialized equipment or rework to the building.

Signs can be of any kind, dimensional letters, hoardings, wall murals, channel letters and light boxes are a few examples. Many sign companies offer unique and innovative ideas to promote businesses. Not all of them offer installation services as well

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Custom Manufacturing

There are a number of steps involved in producing a quality sign. These include; taking accurate site dimensions, making the frame, printing, applying the print to a substrate, mounting of the substrate into the frame, the electric fittings, constructing the electrical enclosure. The toughest part is often the installation since this happens in the field. The initial construction of the sign takes place in a controlled manufacturing location. The installation has to deal with weather, pedestrians and unforeseen items.

The sign companies offer services like measuring the site and transporting the sign to the site. It also sends specialized personnel for installation. The process of installation depends on the signage size and signage quantities.

A better installation can be executed if the installation team follows the specification given to its exact measurements. There may be times when the sign manufacturer discusses it with the media manufacturer.

Unusual sizes


At times the design of the sign is adapted to a specific size. This makes the task of installation a little harder. The process can be much harder if the weather at that time turns bad or goes against the team which is installing the sign. Many sign companies make a proof of the sign using the site visit dimensions in an attempt to anticipate field problems. Sign installers are given training on correct installation processes. Media manufacturers play a minor role in this part of the business. They advise on preparing the boards but not on the ways of installing it.

Tailor made signs can be hard to install. A proper plan must be made, including the vehicle to be used for transporting the sign to the venue. It goes without saying that specialized personnel must employ professional equipment to execute the installation. All safety-related factors must be taken into consideration prior to starting this task.

The location or site preparation is made to assess details like whether the foundation, suspension system or mounting surface need to be modified to properly support the sign. Specialized workers are given the task of installing and inspecting the installation to ensure it meets the customers expectations as well as any details identified in the installation permit. Installers must be well trained and given a thorough pre-installation briefing.

A great installation can make a mediocre sign look good, but a bad install will make a great sign look bad. Make sure your sign maker has the expertise to install your sign before placing the order.

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