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Creative Truck Wraps That Turn Heads

Truck wraps are a proven way to maximize your marketing budget. 3M’s research found that in a large city, a single wrap has the potential to get 16 million impressions. What’s more, commercial truck wraps provide businesses with the top return on investment!

Here are nine ideas for head-turning graphics you can try on your trucks.

9 Creative Truck Wraps to Grab Attention

  1. Less is More

You don’t need flashy colors and designs to make your vehicle stand out. Minimalist, elegant designs that display your logo and slogan are a great way to build brand recognition.

  1. Make an Impact with Retro Liveries

Retro-themed commercial truck wraps are crowd-pleasers, if you get the design right. Think bold patterns, vintage-style logos, and sepia filters that tickle the nostalgic part of peoples’ brains.

  1. Get the Attention You Deserve with Splashes of Color

If your industry (and brand image) is suited for colour, deck out your vehicles with vibrant truck wraps. Bright colours can make your vehicle instantly recognizable on the road and capture attention like nothing else.

  1. Turn Your Vehicle into a Mobile Gallery

Have a large portfolio of projects or photographs you’d like to show off? The flat sides of commercial vehicles are ideal for large murals. Display everything from images to abstract designs on your vinyl truck wraps.

  1. Create a Stunning 3D Effect

People love optical illusions, so you should consider them for your vinyl truck wraps. Three-dimensional designs are incredibly attractive and an easy way to attract attention. Not sure how to design 3D graphics? Talk to us; our team designs stunning graphics for businesses across the city.

  1. Add Interactive Elements to Your Vehicles

Just because they aren’t digital displays doesn’t mean your wraps can’t be interactive! Include QR codes, mobile-only promotional codes, and more to get people snapping pictures of your trucks. You can even add elements to make your vehicle part of an augmented reality experience that passengers can enjoy on their phones.

  1. Let’s Theme It Up

If you’ve got a unique business identity, it’s time to take it to the next level with truck wraps. From food trucks with food-themed graphics to delivery vehicles with logistics motifs, there are a lot of themes that you can use to add a “wow” factor.

  1. Show ‘Before and After’ Pictures

People love seeing ‘before and after’ comparison pictures. Show home renovations, medical procedures, designs, and more with ‘before and after’ wraps.

  1. Make it Easy to Read

Whether you’ve got a powerful promotion, a big discount, a free trial, or a long warranty, it is important to keep your messaging on point. Use stunning fonts and head-turning colours to keep attention on your message.

Time to Wrap it Up with SSK Signs

If you’d like to try any of these truck wraps ideas for your business or want even more ideas, we’re just a phone call away. Book a free consultation to discuss designs for your business and supercharge your marketing.

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