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Elevate Your Business: Eye-Catching Storefront Signs for Maximum Impact

How many customers come in because of your storefront signs? The International Sign Association says a business’s outdoor signage is responsible for a whopping 50% of its customers! Eye-catching signs are proven to compel people to visit the business, and they can even influence purchase decisions.

Here are five head-turning ideas for storefront signs that you need to consider for your business.

These 5 Storefront Sign Ideas Amaze Customers with Their Design

1. Capture the Vintage Look with Retro-Styled Storefront Signs

The basic idea behind this kind of sign is to ivoke nostalgia in passersby. Use rustic wood, weathered textures, and vintage fonts to create a classic look with modern touches.

Ideal signage options: Blade signs, hanging signs, and LED neon are best suited for creating a classic but contemporary look.

How can you maximize its impact?

Make sure the colours and designs contrast with the surroundings so the sign stands out. To keep your storefront sign’s cost in check, ask your signage team for cost-effective materials.

2. Elevate Visibility with Illuminated Storefront Signs

Illuminated storefront signs are a great way to draw attention, even in busy commercial areas. Plus, with lots of lighting configurations to choose from, you can choose the right option for your business.

Ideal signage options: Lightbox signs, channel letters, and LED neon offer a stunning look and many customization options.

How can you maximize its impact?

Your sign should be easily readable both day and night. Use contrasting light colours to ensure the sign is legible no matter the time of day.

3. Maximize Impact with Minimalist Design

Sometimes, a simple, elegant design with a few colours can be more impactful than a vibrant sign with many colours.

Ideal signage options: Metal signs, dimensional letters, and custom blade signs look stunning no matter what your design.

How can you maximize its impact?

Since your design is simple, you have to make sure the sign is large enough to be seen from a distance. Plus, use materials such as metal and acrylic to create an upscale ambiance.

4. Make it Dynamic with Digital Displays

Digital signs are changing the face of outdoor and in-store marketing. Research has found people linger in front of digital signs for longer and they recall the messaging better than traditional signage.

Ideal signage options: LED signs, interactive signs, and video walls allow you to display videos and changeable images.

How can you maximize its impact?

Make sure you work with a partner that provides an end-to-end digital signage journey–from design to computer programming and setup. Once your team is comfortable handling the sign, the possibilities are endless! Check out this Uniqlo sign; it’s simple but effective!

5. Add Another Dimension to Your Marketing

Make your sign and business stand out with three-dimensional signs. Everyone from Apple to Telus uses these signs to make their business stand out.

Ideal signage options: Foam board signs, channel letters, and dimensional letters.

How can you maximize its impact?

Incorporate your logo and branding to make the most of the sign. Add lighting to make it even more visible during evening hours.

Elevate Your Marketing with the Top Partner for Storefront Signs

SSK Signs is the go-to signage partner for businesses small and large across the GTA. Our team helps customers find stunning signs and keep the cost of storefront signs in check.

Book a free consultation and start transforming your entrance.

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