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Building Signs: Transforming Structures into Powerful Messengers

There is a staggering 230,000+ businesses located in the Greater Toronto Area. Making your business stand out and reach your customers can be challenging without the right tools. That’s where building signs come in.

These powerful marketing tools can help you grow brand recognition, share your message, and make a mark in your community. Learn how to use building signs to help you achieve that and more in this blog.

Reach a Local Audience with Building Signs

The International Sign Association says 85% of your customer base lives within 5 miles (8 km) of your business. With building signs, position your branding before this audience so that as people pass by your business regularly, they’ll become familiar with it. Growing brand recognition and top-of-mind recall is essential to the overall success of a business.

Get Noticed, Even from Far Away

Not all audiences are near your business or your signage. Some individuals, such as drivers, only have a few seconds to notice your business advertising, which means it needs to be readable and eye-catching. Large commercial building signage helps you get noticed from farther away and by a greater number of people.

Attract People to Your Business

People consider corporate building signage a reflection of the business. That’s why attractive signs are able to invite people to the business even if they’ve never visited it before. To maximize this effect, make sure your sign reflects your branding and is memorable for customers.

Making a Strong Impression

People associate the quality of your sign with the quality of your products and services. Therefore, if your sign makes a strong first impression and conveys a premium image, it can directly benefit your business.

The type of commercial building signage that works best for you will depend on your industry, where you are located, and your customers’ expectations. For instance, channel letters and metal signs are commonly used by corporate businesses and law firms, while LED signs and blade signs are traditionally used by boutiques and hospitality establishments.

Building Signs

Uplifting Curb Appeal

Your outdoor building signs are vital parts of your decor. When they work in tandem with their surroundings, they enhance the curb appeal of your establishment. Signs such as channel letters, dimensional letters, and LED signs are excellent options to consider. They offer nearly unlimited customization, meaning you have lots of room to get the design just right.

Enhancing Decor with Illuminated Signs

Illumination plays a vital role in setting the right mood and increasing your business’s visibility. Vibrantly lit signs are more eye-catching, readable, and visually appealing than ones that are not.

That said, make sure to use LED lighting to keep operating and maintenance costs low. Also, consider how the different lighting styles – such as front-lit, backlit, halo-lift, and spotlit – will look in your space.

Convey Your Message with Corporate Building Signage

SSK Signs is the go-to partner for building signs in Toronto and the GTA. Our customers rely on us not only for high-quality signs but also for knowledgeable advice and a seamless signage experience.

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with an experienced signage professional today. We’re happy to recommend signs that best suit your business.

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