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Attract Attention to Your Commercial Building with Impactful Signage

Whether it’s a small local business or an enterprise-level organization, there is one thing they have in common: the importance of building signs. Regardless of the size of your business, the nature of your industry, or your location, outdoor building signage is a must-have.

Outdoor signs serve as visual identifiers for the business, communicate its branding, and help in advertising its products and services.

Why Are Commercial Building Signs So Effective?

There are many reasons why building signage is so effective at attracting attention, but the most important is that your audience is looking for it. People expect businesses to install a prominent sign above entrances. These not only identify where the business is located but also help people navigate to entrances quickly.

It’s no wonder that commercial building signage makes the first impression on potential customers. Over 76% of shoppers say they enter businesses based on their signs. More than 50% say they associate the quality of a sign with the quality of the business’s offerings, which makes signage an extension of the business’s branding.

Outdoor signage is also important for exterior decoration. This is why businesses take the time to design signs that enhance curb appeal and match their surroundings.

Finally, lighting is a big part of the attraction of exterior signs. Research has found that illuminated objects attract attention and create a sense of excitement in audiences.

Finding the Right Building Signs for Your Business

Maximizing the impact of your signage requires finding the right options for your business. Here are some of the most popular options for commercial buildings:

  • Channel letters – These are popular among many businesses in Canada because of their customizability and visual appeal. You can use them to display your business name and company logo.
  • Dimensional letter – Like channel letters, these are large, three-dimensional letters that are available in a wide range of materials and styles, such as aluminum, acrylic, foam board, and more.
  • LED neon – Neon is making a comeback thanks to LED neon signs. As these signs offer LED lighting, you don’t have the hassle of fragile lighting that requires a lot of ongoing maintenance, but they still offer the stunning glow of traditional neon.
  • Metal signs – Aluminum, brushed metal, and copper are some popular materials for metal signs. They exude solidity and a sense of luxury, which is why they are perfect for raising the ambiance of a business space.
  • Monument signs – This type of commercial building signage is mounted on the ground outside an establishment. It helps a business make an impact and establish its presence in the community. For businesses, monument signs are powerful outdoor building signs because they are large and architecturally designed to catch people’s attention.

Make Your Presence Felt with Powerful Building Signs

SSK Signs designs impactful outdoor building signs for different businesses and industries, helping them amplify their presence in the local market and beyond. Our experienced signage professionals can provide insights into the different signage options, as well as the value they will offer your business. Our professional team will also be able to advise you on cost-effective signage options, helping you maximize the value of your investment.

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with our GTA-based signage experts today.

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