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Enhance Your Business’s Visibility with a Custom Acrylic Business Sign

Acrylic signs have been transformative for businesses looking to elevate their interiors. Customizable, cost-effective, and contemporary, acrylic signs are the cornerstone of modern office decor.

What Are Acrylic Signs and Where Can You Use Them?

Acrylic is a strong, clear plastic that is used as a glass substitute. Acrylic business signs are used to display a business’s name, information about the occupants in a room, artwork related to branding, and more. A wide range of finishes, printing, and design options are available that make these signs more visually appealing.

Acrylic signs have many applications in a business setting. A very popular choice among businesses is acrylic reception signs. These are large signs installed on walls behind the reception desk or at the entrance that prominently display the business’s name, logo, and/or tagline.

Other popular signs are door and room label signs. These are installed on walls adjacent to rooms and display the name of the room and other necessary information about its occupant. Businesses also use acrylic signs to create gallery walls, showcasing their awards, achievements, accolades, and more.

In other words, these signs can be customized to meet virtually any design preference. With the help of a professional signage partner, like SSK Signs, we can tailor this signage to your specific needs.

What Do Acrylic Signs Convey?

Acrylic business signs are a great way to decorate an office space and enhance a visitor’s experience. As acrylic looks nearly identical to glass, and features the same glass-like shine, these signs have a premium appearance which helps to create a professional appearance.

The virtually limitless customization options also allow businesses to get creative with their decor. You can keep signs simple, such as using rectangular acrylic sheets, and print your name and branding on them. Or you can print intricate designs and cut the sign’s shape to match your brand. You can also add lighting options, taking your decor to a whole new dimension.

A Guide to Using Acrylic Lobby Signs to Enhance Visibility

So, how can you use acrylic signs to enhance your business’s visibility indoors?

  • Display your business’s name – Acrylic reception signs can display your business’s branding at entrances. Large acrylic lettering, in particular, is extremely eye-catching. You can even personalize the appearance of signs to imitate a variety of finishes, such as brushed metal or glass.
  • Highlight your logo on custom signs – Consider displaying your business’s logo strategically across your property with acrylic signs. Make sure you work with an experienced professional to find the right spots that will elevate visitor experiences.
  • Brand your office tastefully – Include personalized elements, such as brand colours and brand fonts to give your business a unique look. Acrylic signs allow you to brand the office tastefully and cost-effectively.

Work with Our Expert Sign Company for Acrylic Signs

Effective business decor requires planning and expertise, which is why businesses across the GTA turn to us. SSK Signs is the go-to signage partner for offices, retailers, arcades, healthcare providers, and other businesses and organizations in the area.

Book a free consultation with us today to discover how you can use acrylic signs at your office.

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