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Acrylic Signs: Elevating Your Message with Clarity and Elegance

Looking to make a premium impression with visitors? Over half of the shoppers say they associate the quality of a business’s signage with the quality of its goods and services. That’s where acrylic signs can help. Acrylic has revolutionized signage by helping businesses like yours elevate its ambiance and enhance clarity.

Find out how you can use acrylic signs to elevate your messaging in this blog.

What Are Acrylic Signs?

Signs printed on acrylic sheets are called acrylic signs. Acrylic – also known as plexiglass – is a type of plastic that allows you to print any graphic, design, or message on it. The signs offer the same premium look as glass but with none of the drawbacks. Unlike glass, they resist shattering, scratching, and scuffing.

Acrylic business signs are most likely to be used indoors to display a business’s name, label rooms, and provide directions. But how do plexiglass signs help make your business’s messaging garner attention?

How Acrylic Signs Make Your Messages Stand Out

  1. Premium Appearance

Acrylic offers the same shine and sheen as glass. In fact, most glass-presenting signs seen in offices are actually made of acrylic. Acrylic business signs give the space an upscale look and enhance the credibility of your message.

It’s why our customers use this type of signage for a wide range of purposes, including door signs, gallery walls, decorative signs, and more.

  1. Improved Visibility

The glossy look of acrylic means that signs are more likely to stand out from their background. This makes them more noticeable than traditional signage, meaning they are more likely to attract attention and increase the reach of the sign.

There are two types of acrylic printing to choose from: standard printing and sub-surface printing. Both offer different levels of shine, so take the time to understand which will make your message pop.

  1. Dazzling Lighting

One of the biggest advantages of acrylic is that the signs can be illuminated. You can opt for effects such as halo-lighting, front-lighting, backlighting, and spotlighting. The inclusion of lighting gives the sign a beautiful visual appearance and raises the ambiance.

  1. Freedom to Customize

Whether yours is a law firm looking to make a professional first impression or a contemporary boutique looking for an edgy ambiance, acrylic is the material for you. You can customize virtually every aspect of the sign and bring your dream designs to life. For instance, our team can customize the size, shape, color, finish, graphics, lighting, and more.

  1. Lots of Installation Options

One of the most important ingredients for impactful signage is its location. Signs have to be installed in the right spots to have the desired impact, and plexiglass signs offer a lot of options. They are available as wall-mounted signs, ceiling signs, tabletop signs, and more.

You can choose from a wide range of standoffs, mounting surfaces, and more to acquire the right look. Regardless of the appearance you’re aiming for, you’ll find options that suit your space.

Craft Stunning Signs with SSK Signs

Acrylic signs are a powerful option for any office, so long as you know how to use them to your benefit. It’s why businesses across the GTA rely on our team to create stunning designs that reflect their branding.

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs and bring your vision to life.

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