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The Transformative Power of Commercial Wall Decals

From decorating your interior to highlighting promotions, there’s a lot you can do with wall graphics. It’s why they’re a favorite of our customers. See here how businesses such as yours use custom wall decals to transform their space. In this blog, we’ll share some ideas on how you can use decals at your establishment.

What Are Wall Graphics?

Commercial wall decals and graphics are large, personalized stickers you can install on walls, glass partitions, and windows. You can print virtually any design, cut them into any shape, and print them to any size.

Here’s the best part about decals – they are some of the most cost-effective signs you can get. Plus, we can print them in a day or so, meaning you don’t have to wait weeks for your new signs.

Here’s How Custom Wall Decals Can Transform Your Space

1. Repaint Without Hassle

Want to refresh your office’s paintwork without the disruption or hassle of repainting? Large vinyl wall decals allow you to “repaint” effortlessly and in a few hours. The best part? You can peel the wrap whenever you want to restore the original paint and get your security deposit back.

You can choose from a wide variety of options, too, including solid colors, custom designs, and wallpaper patterns.

2. Refresh Your Decor

If you are looking to refresh your space without breaking the bank, commercial wall decals are a great option. Install patterns, colors, and finishes to rejuvenate your space. With wraps, you have the option to wrap walls completely or partially. The flexibility of these products is why businesses love to add wraps to their decor.

3. Brand Your Space

Environmental vinyl wall decals are an excellent option for branding your space tastefully. Our team helps businesses such as yours add brand colours, logos, and more around the office. Team them with floor graphics to maximize branding opportunities.

4. Highlight Ongoing Promotions

Did you know 68% of shoppers make purchase decisions based on the quality of a company’s signs? That means high-quality wall graphics need to be part of your advertising strategy. Use graphics to showcase sales, discounts, and new product launches. This will create a sense of urgency that influences buying habits.

There are a couple of ways to optimize promotions with decals:

  1. Use wall wraps as billboards, highlighting promotions directly.
  2. Create memorable customer experiences that guide customers to ongoing promotions.

If you’re not sure about how you can use wall graphics, our team will be happy to provide inspiration.

5. Apply Seasonal Themes

Christmas, Halloween, and the changing seasons – these are important dates on the social calendar and ideal opportunities for your business to stand out. Use your decals to spread the message and join in the festivities.

Organizations that work closely with communities, for instance, use vinyl stickers to celebrate special occasions and honor contributors. Businesses use vinyl wall wraps to make the most of the busy shopping season to maximize sales.

Get the Most Out of Your Graphics

Looking for more inspiring ideas and creative ways to use decals at your office? Speak to our team to learn more. We help all types of organizations, large and small, transform their space and maximize marketing opportunities. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with the top signage team in the Greater Toronto Area.

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