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Custom floor graphics installed in Mississauga
Underutilized Advertising Space

Advertising is the backbone of marketing. Marketing, in effect, is the backbone of businesses. Nowadays, you would not be able to get through a day without being exposed to some type of advertisements about a million products out there. Giant billboards right on your face, ad pop-ups on your computer or mobile devices, ad-wrapped vehicles (truck wraps, bus wraps), the list goes on and on.

Etched Glass Films – Options and Uses

Etched Glass Film, also known as Frosted Film is a type of self-clinging or self-adhesive material that is used to decorate the glass portions of doors and windows.

What Are Wayfinding Signs?

Ever been to a mall? Well, if you have, you’re sure to have noticed those large signs that tell you where you exactly are and where you need to go. Ever wondered what those signs are called? Well, those large displays are basically called ‘Wayfinding Signs’.

Wall mural printed on cast vinyl and laminated. Installed in Toronto
Material Options For Wall Murals

If one picture equals thousand words, then a large picture may be worth millions more. Wall murals are a surefire way to attract customers. These murals show your existing and potential clients what your business offers.

vehicle wrap installed in Mississauga
How Long Should a Vehicle Wrap Last?

Vehicle wraps consist of a printed vinyl sheet being wrapped around a vehicle. It is a method of advertising for many businesses. A standard wrap usually tends to be bright coloured and contains attention grabbing graphics. It is designed to attract other drivers or any person located within the sight of the car, truck, bus, train, boat or airplane.

vehicle with reflective vinyl graphics
Reflective Vehicle Vinyl – Uses and Benefits

Reflective vinyl is a specialty vinyl and is widely available in the market. Reflective vinyl are used to make custom signs as they can be cut into any desired shape and can be applied to most glossy surfaces. Commercial signs made with reflective vinyl are different from standard vinyl as the reflective metallic base results in reflecting back the light, this is especially noticeable at night. Reflective vinyl are used for many road and street signs.


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