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Underutilized Advertising Space

Advertising is the backbone of marketing. Marketing, in effect, is the backbone of businesses. Nowadays, you would not be able to get through a day without being exposed to some type of advertisements about a million products out there. Giant billboards right on your face, ad pop-ups on your computer or mobile devices, ad-wrapped vehicles (truck wraps, bus wraps), the list goes on and on.

When it comes to advertising space, your imagination controls your limits.

Custom floor graphics installed in Mississauga

Elevator Wraps

Thinking from your daily travels, how long do you stand in front of an elevator door, staring at it, while waiting for that elevator, daily? From an advertising perspective this is prime real estate because the audience is known and where they will be looking is known. You can wrap the elevator doors with your company logo, use it to advertise your products/services, promote events (concerts, sporting events), showcase charitable sponsorships, and so on. It is a unique form of advertising. You can advertise either on the inside or on the outside or on both sides, depending on your budget.

An elevator wrap is a cost-effective advertising method. If you think about it, almost all buildings (big, small, medium), nowadays, have elevators. While, you may have to shell out a good amount of money for elevator wraps in big buildings, small and medium ones may offer their elevator door space for advertising, for less amount of money. The building owner controls this space, contact the property manager to discuss the possibility of using this space. Strong and compelling graphics on the elevator doors will not only catch the eyes of all the people waiting for the elevator but also will be etched on their mind for a long time.

Floor Graphics

When you are walking or running, it is only natural that you look at your path. So, when your eye catches something on the path, your eyes will be naturally drawn to it, to check out what it is. Imagine finding your company logo or an advertisement about your product there. It will definitely get at least a quick glance. If the graphics are compelling, it will certainly draw an audience, especially in malls, conventions and retail store. Floor graphics is a great way to create unique, and eye-catching advertisements. Almost all floor graphics are made using a vinyl that is adhesive backed. They will have a protective laminate cover to remain on the floor for a long time without any damage. 3D look and innovative usage of depth perception can really help your ad to stand out. Floor graphics is a relatively inexpensive way to advertise.


Graphics on stair risers at an elementary school

Stair Risers

Just like floor graphics, stair graphics is also something that is hard to ignore. It is right there on the stairs that you take most often, in your office, in the mall, in the convention center, and so on. This type of advertising can be a little challenging (most often, you will have to cut the ad or campaign pictures  into pieces to match with the size of the risers of the staircase), however, the effort will be well worth it. This is also a very cost effective way of advertising.

Take advantage of these underutilized advertising spaces to market your product now. Contact a professional sign company to discuss ways to expand your marketing reach.

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