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What Are Office Lobby Signs and How Do They Enhance Your Space?

Lobby signs are known by many names, including entrance signs and reception signs. This category of signs is installed at entrances to enhance decor, offer directions, and brand your space in a tasteful way. Some of the most common types of signs used are:

These custom office signs allow you to transform your lobby affordably and easily. However, as there are so many options to choose from, how do you know what sign is best suited for your entrance? In this blog, we’ll give you seven ideas you can consider using to elevate your lobby.

7 Stunning Lobby Sign Ideas

  1. Refinish Your Wall

Want to transform an entire wall with a captivating design, such as a brick wall or marble stone effect? A quick and affordable way of doing so is by utilizing large wall wraps. They cover an entire wall and instantly elevate the space with a stunning look (like the one here).

  1. Display Messages

Show mission statements, core values, inspiring quotes, or translations of the word “Welcome” in dozens of languages on vinyl letters and dimensional letters. There’s a lot of room for customization, which allows you to choose the colors, designs, and styles you prefer.

Lobby Signs

  1. Wayfinding with a Twist

Wayfinding signs don’t have to be a standard directory board or arrow sign. Check out how this office uses a highly stylized metal sign to show directions. You can even take your signage to the next level with a backlight to create a halo effect.

  1. Spotlight Your Business Name

Make a bold first impression with eye-catching office reception signage. For instance, this Sotheby’s sign captures the brand’s premium image and makes a stunning impression. Different materials create different ambiances. Metal signs, like this one, convey permanence, while acrylic signs convey a very contemporary image. It is important to determine how your business wants to be perceived, and then make decisions with that in mind.

  1. Brand Your Space Cohesively

People often assume that bathroom signs have to be a certain style or color. In fact, you can personalize washroom signs with your colors, fonts, and designs. There are many benefits to creating a cohesive sign system, both outside and inside your business space, such as building brand recognition and creating a consistent user experience.

  1. Generate Buzz with Advertising Graphics

Indoor displays have been shown to increase sales by as much as 29.5%. Install vinyl wraps to highlight ongoing promotions, showcase new products and services, and create a sense of urgency. If you want to change your message frequently, consider investing in digital office reception signage. These signs allow you to change graphics and messages any time of day, as many times as you would like to, at the click of a button.

  1. Create Fun Visitor Experiences

Custom office signs aren’t all business all the time; they’re also a great way to create a friendly atmosphere at your establishment. Things like this airlock door are ideal for making a child-friendly space, such as for an arcade or family restaurant.

Lobby Signs

Want to Transform Your Lobby?

Work with the leading signage team in Mississauga to transform your office. We prepare everything from high-quality office lobby signs to fun visual displays for office lobbies. Book a free consultation to discuss lobby signs for your space with an experienced signage professional.

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