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How to Make Our Wall Murals Fit Your Wall

There’s nothing that beats the clean, crisp lines of a professionally installed wall mural. It just makes your office look like a truly premium and professional space! But don’t be fooled; that Instagram-ready look doesn’t come without a little bit of effort (and a dose of patience). It’s why we always recommend having your custom wall murals installed by professionals.

If you do want to install murals on your own, then read this handy guide before you get started.

6 Steps for Making Wall Murals Fit Your Wall and Getting the Perfect Look

Step 1: Make Sure Your Measurements Are Correct Before You Place Your Order

The neatest cut is one you don’t have to make, we always say. Take precise measurements of your walls for perfectly sized murals. We can work with non-standard shapes and sizes, and designs without a problem.

Having us custom cut your commercial wall murals before they are shipped out to you is a lot easier than doing it yourself.

Step 2: Tape Up the Mural to See How It Looks Before You Install it

Now that you’ve got your mural, it’s time to make sure it fits. (If you followed step 1 properly, you don’t need to worry about that.) Use ordinary tape to stick the mural on the wall (without taking off its protective backing) to get an idea of how it looks and whether it fits.

Step 3: Try Different Orientations and Locations to See if it Can Fit Without Modification

If you’re seeing edges exceeding the dimensions of the wall, try to shift the mural around. “A little to the left”, “a little lower”, et voila! Your mural suddenly fits, and you didn’t need to trim anything.

Step 4: Clearly Mark Out Areas That Need Trimming

So, trying to reposition your custom wall mural around the wall didn’t work. Now is the time to take out that marker and mark out exactly where you need to make cuts. Here are two suggestions that can save your bacon:

  1. Start by marking out the minimum possible area you can get away with – You can always trim it out later, but you can’t put it back.
  2. Make cuts in areas with solid colors – Cuts in areas of blue sky are far less noticeable than, say, in the middle of a complex pattern.

Step 5: Use a Box Cutter or Similar Sharp Knife to Make Clean Cuts

Vinyl is a tough material, which is why you need a sharp cutting tool. Don’t forget, you’ll also be cutting through two layers of protective sheeting (on the front and rear). We recommend a sharp blade (and gloves!) to keep cuts clean.

Step 6: Install One Panel, Then the Next

If your wall mural has come in multiple pieces, take your time aligning with installing each mural. You want to minimize gaps as much as possible, so take your time putting the murals up.

There’s a Better Way to Put Up Custom Wall Murals

Have our team do it and save yourself the hassle. Our installers are experienced professionals, and there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. We’ll make sure your murals look great and perform flawlessly for years. Talk to us about your commercial wall murals.

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