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Top 8 Monument Inscriptions That Will Astound You

Monument signs are unlike any other signage. Large, imposing, and personal to your business, monuments convey a sense of permanence. It’s why you’ll find them across Canada adorning historic sites and the offices of some of the biggest businesses.

They can be significant investments as well, which is why you should carefully consider what is inscribed on your sign.

But what should you put on your brick or stone monument signs? Here are 8 things you should consider inscribing on your signs (and how it can impact your monument sign’s cost).

8 Things You Can Have on Your Monument Signs

1. Business Name

This one’s kind of obvious: inscribe the full business name on your sign. Make sure to stay faithful to your branding requirements (such as font and spacing) to ensure consistency.

2. Business Crest or Logo

Display your crest, logo, or other symbol that represents your business. Logos and coats of arms are common inscriptions, though you can consider other visuals too.

3. Mission Statement

Write out your business’s mission statement on your sign. Is it long? No problem, we can reduce the size of the font to fit messages that are several sentences long. Make sure to spellcheck before you send it—nothing looks as ungainly as a misspelled sign!

4. Business’s Tag Line

Proudly show off your business’s tagline on your monument sign. It’s best to have the tagline under your business’s name and in smaller font. That maintains the hierarchy of information and makes sure people read your business name first.

5. Message From the Founder

Including your founder’s message, an extract from a talk, or words to live by! These are great to showcase on your brick or stone monument sign. It’s a great way to show people the vision that you have.

6. Names of People You Want to Commemorate

Inscriptions don’t have to be a one-time activity. You can always update your sign after installing it. Consider adding names of people who have contributed to the business on the sign. It’s a grand gesture and an impactful way of showing your employees you value their contribution.

7. Year the Business Was Founded

Putting the year that you founded your business are common inscriptions and for good reason. It tells people that you’ve been around for a long time, and that you plan to be around for years to come. Unless your business is very young or you have other reasons for not putting it on your modern monument sign, having your year of inception is a good option.

8. Social Media Handle

This one’s a little out of nowhere, but who said signs must look like they came out of the Middle Ages? Modern monument signs should reflect the modern demands a business face. Display your social media handles and website and get people clicking.

Making the Most of Your Monument Signs

A monument has to reflect your business, your industry, perform reliably for years, and look smart. That’s why businesses and institutions across the GTA turn to us. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with an experienced professional and find out how much your monument signs will cost.

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