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Three Things You Should Know Regarding Monument Signage for Your Workplace

Monument signs installed at entrances are some of the most imposing signs you can get for your business. They can enhance customer experiences, boost employees’ sense of pride, and unlock marketing opportunities.

That said, there are a lot of questions about monument signs—and we’re going to answer them! Keep reading to find out what exactly these signs are, what they offer, and whether they will be a worthwhile investment for your business.

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs, also called monolith signs, are large architectural signs that prominently display a business’s branding. They are usually installed at ground level, are customized to match your surroundings, and reflect your business. Monument signs are typically installed at the entrance to the business, such as in front of the main entry or on the driveway.

They may seem alike, but monument signs are very different from pylon signs, such as the ones you see installed at shopping plazas. Unlike monument signs, pylon signs are tall and are usually used as a business directory.

Monument signs come in various styles, such as stone monument signs. You can also get modern monument signs, which can incorporate stunning LED lighting and materials such as metal and acrylic.

Why Get Monument Signs for Your Business?

In a word: impact! Monument signs are some of the most effective markers you can get for your business. Install them strategically, and you can capture the attention of passers-by. Monument signs are the preserve of established, highly regarded businesses, especially in Mississauga, putting your company in rarefied territory.

The large sign face of modern monument signs also makes them ideal as marketing real estate. They essentially become billboards for your business, and can be used to highlight upcoming events, ongoing promotions, or just display your branding. Signs with digital displays can even be used to show video ads, which can offer a positive ROI 87% of the time.

Don’t underestimate the prestige value of monument signs either. Impactful signs such as monument signs strengthen customer journeys and can drive favorable purchase decisions when buyers are more confident about working with your business. Check out this sign we built for one of Canada’s top REITs.

How Much Do Monument Signs Cost?

That’s a tough question to answer because a monument sign’s cost depends on:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Special features
  • Installation
  • And other factors

Simply put, for an accurate estimate, you should speak to a professional signage company about your signs. These signs can start from around $4,000 for simple designs; but ones like stone monument signs can cost $7,500 and over.

Are Monument Signs Right for Your Business?

Attractive as they may be, monument signs may not be the best value proposition for your business. First, you must consider if you have the real estate (and permission) to install them. Then, you must assess if monument signs will appeal to your audience or enhance your business’s brand value. Once you know that, you can determine what value they can offer your business.

Book a complimentary consultation with the experienced signage professionals at SSK Signs to discuss your needs and find out if monument signs are right for your business.

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