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10 Creative Ideas to Improve Your Company with Interior Office Lobby Signs

A well-designed space isn’t just a happier place, it’s a more productive space, too, says Forbes. No wonder giants like Boeing take the time to design new offices (and spend big doing it).

Fret not, though, we’ll tell you 10 ways to transform your office with interior and lobby signs at a fraction of the cost.

1.       Showpiece Logo Lobby Sign

Let’s start with the basics—an office lobby sign that shows off your business name and logo in stunning detail. Choose a material that fits your business and industry, and don’t be afraid to go bold (or three-dimensional) like this sign.

2.       Metal Letters for the Reception Desk

Reception desks without signs look bland, and visitors can get confused about where they are supposed to go, too. Install metal letters spelling out RECEPTION (or anything else) to complete your decor and guide visitors.

3.       Directory Office Lobby Sign

Is your reception staff tired of answering the same questions about where people should go repeatedly? Consider installing a directory sign to show where rooms are located and who the occupant is. Changeable faceplates also allow you to change the sign easily when you re-organize the office.

4.       LED Neon Office Reception Signage

Neon signs are not for every business, but they are some of the most eye-catching signs you can get. Businesses have typically been wary of neon because of its high operating costs and fire risk indoors, but LEDs have changed neon signs forever! LED neon signs are energy-efficient, maintenance-free, and offer the same neon glow that people love.

5.       Acrylic Signs to Label Rooms

Give your office an upscale look at a reasonable price with customized acrylic signs. Acrylic offers the premium glass look, but with none of the fragility or expense of glass. Acrylic signs are ideal as door signs and for labeling rooms.

6.       Wall Murals to Decorate Barren Walls

Transform barren corridors and bland common areas affordably with vinyl murals. These can be customized to show any image or graphic, are durable, and are so cost-effective that you will want to change them regularly and get in the seasonal mood.

7.       Emergency Signage

Emergency exit and accessibility signs may not have the “cool” factor, but they are some of the most important signs you can get. Speak to an experienced signage professional to identify where to install emergency, ESA, accessibility, and other mandatory signs.

8.       Custom Office Signs for the Floor

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have discovered that floor signs are a great way to direct visitors around the premises and grow brand awareness. Things like colour-coordinated floor stripes and stickers are an interesting visual touch that captures visitors’ attention.

9.       Glass Partition and Window Graphics

Improve privacy, decorate surfaces, and lower heating bills with vinyl custom office signs. You can customize graphics to your heart’s content and display anything from text to images on your windows, glass doors, partitions, and more.

10.   Mission Statement Decals

Employees can forget the company’s core objectives in the everyday grind, and your customers probably never knew it! Mission statement decals (and signs) are ideal for decorating spaces such as waiting and conference rooms, and reminding people what your business stands for.

We Create Impactful (Not Just Stunning) Office Reception Signage

Work with SSK Signs—the leading signage company in Mississauga for lobby signs—to transform your space affordably. Tell us what you are looking to achieve, create unique designs, and start transforming your office affordably.

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