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Teardrop Banners for Peel Board of Education

Just drive down any city street and you will see the latest growing trend in storefront advertising – teardrop banners. Teardrop banners are eye catching marketing tools that have brought a new dimension to business promotion. This ideal advertising newcomer is versatile, easy to manage and a good advertising investment.

Talk about versatility, a teardrop banner can be used outdoors or indoors. These banners can be utilized at storefronts, trade shows, sporting events, and schools. Their unique shape warrants that the fabric is always tight which reduces the impact of outdoor elements. Its inverted shape guarantees that your company’s brand or message is up high where it is more visible.

Ease of management is another attribute of the teardrop banner. Teardrop banners are lightweight, take minutes to set up or dismantle, and are easy to carry and store. Each teardrop flag comes with its own carrying bag for effortless transportation from your business location to a trade show. Need to switch up the banner on a regular basis to advertise monthly sale’s events, individual teardrop banners can be created that utilize your original banner’s hardware.

Last, but definitely not least, that brings us to a good advertising investment. Teardrop banners compared to other advertising tools are cheaper and more durable. These banners make for good long term use. As well, due to the combination of graphics and colours that can be utilized, teardrop banners, grab the attention of potential customers to a greater extent, than traditional advertising mediums.

Herb Campbell Public School in Caledon was thrilled with the teardrop banners SSK Signs created for them. Their banners are used at assemblies, open houses and annual events to promote community spirit. A parent council member has recently purchased several more banners to promote traditional annual events at the school.

So whether you are a business owner promoting your brand, or a community leader wanting to advertise a regional event, give SSK Signs a call today to discuss all your options when advertising with teardrop banners.

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Teardrop Banners for Herb Campbell Public School

Teardrop Banners for Herb Campbell Public School

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