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Vehicle Graphics in Mississauga for Maid Wonderful

According to Statistics Canada, 15.4 million people commute to work. In Toronto alone, an average commute to work is 32 minutes. That’s a lot of time on the road. What a lot of time for commuters to see an advertisement on your company vehicle.

Vehicle Graphics for Maid Wonderful

Vehicle Graphics for Maid Wonderful

In today’s commuter society, companies are embracing the tread of vehicle advertising. Think of your company’s vehicle as a moving billboard that can generate up to 70 000 impressions a day, depending on the size of a city’s population. That can mean 16 million impressions a year for just one vehicle, during a regular Monday to Friday commute.

Fleet vehicle signs tell viewers a lot about a business. The right signage prompts more Web hits, more phone calls, and more sales opportunities. Even being stuck in traffic on the 401 is a marketing opportunity. Vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than other advertising media. As well, your vehicle advertisements are not compared side by side to your competitors like print advertisements.

Maid Wonderful, a recent upstart to the residential cleaning business community, servicing Mississauga, Brampton, and Milton, recently contacted SSK Signs to create and install advertising graphics on their company vehicles. Owners, Sandi Hewko and Debbie Hinds have been friends for 22 years and opened the business together in December 2014.

As detailed on their website at , they are an eco-friendly residential cleaning service that treasures their reputation of staying on top of their industry and foreseeing the newest trends in cleaning. One of the newest and most beneficial trends has been eco-friendly products and green cleaning services. Maid Wonderful has committed itself to providing all clients with safe and environmentally responsible green cleaning services. Their green cleaning services use environmentally friendly products while working to reduce contaminants that pollute our Earth.

They knew they needed to jump on the advertising-on-the-go trend to introduce their company to the community. SSK Signs was pleased they trusted us to design, manufacture and install their company’s custom vehicle graphics.

So if you’d like your business to leap on the advertising-on-the-go trend, and get 24 hour advertising on your company vehicles, give SSK Signs a call today. We are conveniently located in north Mississauga for our Brampton and Mississauga customers. Follow us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter for up to date happenings at SSK Signs.

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