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How To Pick The Right Fascia Sign For Your Retail Business

If you want to let others know about your business, you need a fascia sign. A fascia sign is a great option for retail businesses. Educating yourself about the signs you need will help you during the purchasing phase.

Fascia sign in Brampton with translucent vinyl

Check The Local Sign By-Laws

This is an extremely important step. You must check with the city planning office for any permit you need to install fascia at your location. City authorities usually publish an information booklet or brochures to explain the kind of fascia that are allowed. To give an example, a few cities may specify the maximum dimensions of your sign. A few prohibit illuminated fascia at certain locations. Other than these, it is an excellent idea to talk with the building owner concerning any fascia preferences or restrictions as they may have different restrictions than the city bylaws.

 Storefront Fascia Must Suit Your Location

Take a close look around the neighbourhood and judge which fascia design would best suit your location. Your sign must gel with your neighbourhood. For example, if your business is situated in a historic locality, then your sign should convey the “atmosphere” of that place. Conversely, setting up a business in a fast paced commercial area means that your sign should convey sophistication and energy. Your sign should be in accordance with the building or the surroundings as well as your brand.

 Keep The Fascia Simple

Fascia Sign Installed in Toronto

An excellently designed fascia makes an excellent impression on any existing and potential customers. It also helps to promote your brand. A confusing and cluttered sign will lead to clients passing by without knowing the products or services you offer. A clean fascia, on the other hand, conveys professionalism and organization. A better fascia will convey the purpose and name of your business simply without obscuring architectural integrity.

Fascia sign installed in Mississauga

Select The Best Design

Retail fascia are available in a number of materials, shapes and sizes. You can go for backlit signs or be a part of any awning. This fascia could be hung over the entrance. It could also be hung from a window or painted on a window.

The fascia themselves can be made of metal or wood and come in a single colour or multiple colours. There are seven kinds of business fascia.

  1. Painted plywood sign: It is personalized and simple along with being creative. It is affordable as well. These signs are susceptible to weather damage. The cost of a single sign is generally not inclusive of installation fees. This kind of sign may require frequent replacement.
  1. Painted glass: This is perfect if you search for a low cost but a distinctive and an attractive option. You can use the windows of your store as the canvas. The cost of any painted glass sign depends on the complexity of its design. There is one flipside though: these signs may be invisible from the road.
  1. Punched metal fascia: These are durable and have excellent weather resistance. They provide a modern and clean feel. They also can convey a historic flavour, as per the design. Price can vary as per size, texture and colour.
  1. Metal lettering and logo: These are three-dimensional retail fascia. If they throw any shadow, they add interest and texture. The costs of such signs depend on the type of metal and letter sizes. The cost quoted usually do not taken into account custom design or any installation fees.
  1. Fabric sign: It is a budget friendly pick and can be unique and colourful. Do know, however, that they need replacement and upkeep. Costs increase if you opt for fade resistant and heavy duty fabric. Installation and hardware are an additional expense.
  1. Metal sign-band: These appear professional and extremely eye catching and function excellently in a number of locations.
  1. Awning signs: These provide shade for the business. Awnings also provide shelter for customers. The expense incurred depends on the fabric and size and also for the hardware required.

Talk to a sign professional to decide on the fascia that is right for your business.

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