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Elevate Your Brand By Using Vehicle Wraps to Advertise Your Business

Whether you are a small local business or a Canada-wide enterprise, vehicle wraps are a must for your fleet. Custom vehicle wraps offer tremendous visual appeal, high visibility by spreading your branding wherever your fleet goes and require far less investment than other forms of advertising. They are also a good form of exposure and recall according to a study conducted by 3M, 97% of people recall wraps.

Here are just a few ways that your business can benefit from advertising with vehicle wraps.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

  1. Reach More Customers

Does your business cater to a densely populated area with a broad target market? If so, having company vans with custom vehicle wraps is a great way of promoting your business. Remember, advertising is not done in a day. With frequent trips, your branding and logo will become familiar to passersby: this recognition will translate into top of mind recall when it comes time to buy. What’s more, unlike other outdoor business signs such as banners and billboards that are static, fleet wraps travel far and wide – and so does your brand. This means more exposure for your business, at a fraction of the cost, since you don’t have to spend extra money on printing more signs and paying for expensive advertising slots.

  1. Maximize Company Cars ROI

Companies that transport their own supplies using vans and pick-up trucks have tremendous opportunity to utilize vehicle wraps to take their marketing efforts up a notch. In fact, if you run a transportation business, you can easily incorporate branding on some or all your vehicles. It’s a no-brainer of a strategy! Not only do you add some artistic flair to your vehicles, you make them stand out from competitors. In today’s market, that’s half the battle won.

So many businesses that lend cars to employees also wrap them with vinyl ads. This way, employees showcase your brand to truly unique demographics and advertise before an audience you may not otherwise have considered.

3. Generate More Attention Than Any Other Form Of Advertising

The ‘start-up costs’ of vehicle wraps are far lower than traditional forms of local advertising – such as billboards and radio spots.

Think you can’t do better than a newspaper ad? Custom wraps are 1/40th the price of a newspaper ad and promote your business all year round.

As a business owner, can you think of a more assured way of maximizing your ROI, especially compared with traditional and static outdoor advertising? Even if your company was to invest in a simple fleet wrap, you would be able to introduce and reinforce your brand before your target audience.

How to Choose the Top Vehicle Wrap Provider

It’s easy to spot the top performing vehicle wrap provider in Mississauga. Look at our previous projects and see how we are helping business owners make an impact in their community. Ready to enrich and advertise your brand while on the road, contact SSK Signs today and request an estimate!

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