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How Pylon Signs Improve Brand Visibility

Pylon signs can be a great way to increase your brand’s visibility in the GTA. They do a fantastic job at catching potential customer’s attention, whether they’re driving by on a busy road or entering a crowded retail plaza.

Typically, matchbox shaped, this type of exterior business sign is known for its big and tall stature. A pylon sign is fixed to a pole and can easily be illuminated to increase visibility during evening hours. For many businesses, a custom pylon sign is the ideal solution when you want to be seen from a distance, and is a popular choice for shopping centres, industrial complexes, gas stations, and hotels. However, they also make a great exterior sign choice for any business, in any industry, that is looking to make a bold statement.

Pylon Signs Mississauga

Choosing Pylon Signs To Elevate Your Brand

Depending on the nature of your business, an illuminated pylon sign or a more traditional pylon sign can be the exterior business sign you need to help you increase brand recognition and grow your customer base. Let’s take a closer look and some of the top reasons why this type of sign makes a great choice.

  1. Cost-Effective.

Even if you go with a custom pylon sign, this type of exterior signage is cost-effective and needs minimal maintenance. They are also incredibly durable, which means you’ll be getting an excellent return on your investment and still have available funds for additional signage that further cements your brand presence.

  1. Hard To Ignore.

Because pylon signs are placed at an elevated height, they are incredibly equipped to make your brand visible from a distance. When illuminated, it’s almost impossible for people to not see your pylon sign lighting up the night sky. Not only will this make it easier for customers to identify your business in a busy retail or traffic heavy location, but they’ll have a greater chance of recalling your brand at a later date.

  1. Easily Customizable.

Your Toronto pylon sign doesn’t have to be generic, basic or boring. Based on your branding, you will have options when it comes to size, colour, and font. When you customize a pylon sign, you’ll be able to choose what information to include, which is another effective way to ensure your brand is properly communicated.

  1. Attractive.

An appealing exterior business sign will help you build brand recognition, and a custom pylon sign can be the best option to do just that. Your towering sign can persuade people to trust your brand, be the invitation they need to enter your store, or to choose to contact you at a later date.

Create Your Custom Pylon Sign With SSK Signs

If your business could use a pylon sign in Toronto that boosts your brand visibility and increases sales, contact SSK Signs. Our professional exterior business signs can help you reach your business goals and create a positive reputation in your community. Working together, we’ll create and install a professional and effective pylon sign that can’t be ignored. To find out more about our signs and services, give us a call at (647)792-5716.

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