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An Impressive First Impression

Will Rogers, a famous entertainer and social commentator in the 20s and 30s once said “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression”. How true that statement is, especially for your business’ lobby or reception sign.  When your customers enter your business establishment you want to make a good first impression, if you don’t, you might not get a second chance.  Your reception or lobby signs set the tone for your company.  Your sign needs to display the image and culture of your business.  It needs to be a like a firm handshake, a sign of confidence.

SSK Signs can help you create that good first impression.  We recognize the need for a custom reception or lobby sign that meets the requirements of your business. We can incorporate your brand, logo, colours and graphics into a variety of signs constructed from a multitude of materials.

Maybe you want a 3D lobby sign, a trend that has been increasing over the last few years, due to the development of new materials that have reduced the costs of these once expense signs.  The appearance of dimensional signs is noticeable and gives your business a very professional look. Whether your dimensional sign is constructed from metal laminate, acrylic or foam, our graphic designer will work side by side with you to create the look you want and need for your company. Our staff will also install your lobby sign to your specifications.

Why stop at a lobby sign? If you really want to make an impression, why not get SSK Signs to design and install a floor graphic of your logo. Or if you want to draw customers in from the street, window graphics are an excellent way to get future customers into your establishment.

Whatever your wants or needs to make a good first impression, give SSK Signs a call today. We are conveniently located in north Mississauga for our Brampton and Mississauga customers.  Let us help you make that good first impression.



SSK’s Dimensional Letters Lobby Sign

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