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Want More Qualified Leads? Use Signs to Fast Track Your Efforts

The point of any marketing efforts your business undertakes is to create awareness, promote your products and services and attract new and potential repeat customers. In simple terms, you are looking to get qualified leads. It may surprise you to know that a professional and experienced sign company can be the exact marketing partner you need to bring more leads through your door.

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In order to attract leads, you must be able to stop traffic and attract it towards your location. This means your custom signs must provide useful information, be professional and catch the eye of the audience passing by. SSK Signs works with companies to not only ensure that their signs look good but that their signs become useful tools in growing their business. Signs can work for your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year promoting and advertising your business!

Here are some tips on how to design effective signs to attract new customers and more qualified leads into your business:

  • Your signs should clearly indicate what your business is selling. Including things like your telephone number or web address allow people the opportunity to contact you later if they can’t stop in right away. People will take a picture of a good sign to remind them to contact that business later, so make your sign picture worthy!
  • Additional signage can highlight current promotions, events, or contests.
  • Decide on the information you want to include on your sign before you begin the design. The content you want to have on the sign will dictate its format and size options available.
  • Make your sign stand out. People look for what is convenient and will impulsively head into your business if your sign makes them take notice and reminds them that they may have a need for what you are offering.

If you already have a great outdoor sign, don’t think you’re work is done! You want more qualified leads, right? So it’s time to think about augmenting what you already have and using additional signage options to boost your business. While a great outdoor sign is a step in the right direction, business owners should also consider:

  • Other custom signs like window graphics or flags to augment your street presence
  • Etched glass signs that can add decorative designs on doors and windows
  • Fleet vehicle wraps for company cars and trucks

It really is time for business owners to consider signage as an important part of their marketing plans. And while we know that it can be overwhelming to create and execute a marketing strategy that works, we assure you that SSK Signs is a partner you can count on to help you find signage that will work for your business. We pride ourselves on bringing solutions and ideas to the table and presenting options that deliver more than just the basics.

Whether you want to start with an exceptional outdoor custom sign or are ready to make an investment in additional signage, contact SSK Signs to get started. We serve clients in Toronto, Mississauga and all surrounding areas and look forward to helping you grow your businesses.

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