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Vehicle Wrapping Can Boost Event Marketing

Having your company cars and trucks covered with dynamic vehicle wraps or vehicle lettering is an effective marketing tool to use as you traverse across your city or sales region.  We’ve talked before about the many benefits of vehicle wraps and the growing trends we’ve noticed when it comes to vehicle wraps seen around Toronto and surrounding areas.  But how else can companies effectively use vehicle wraps to enhance their marketing and sales efforts?

Vehicle Wraps on Display

Event marketing refers to a strategy that involves face-to-face contact and engagement between companies and their customers. Special events like concerts, product launches, fairs, and sports games or kick offs are common examples of event marketing and continue to grow in popularity with brands who want to reach large groups of people in an effective and memorable way.


If your business is executing or participating in event marketing, you need a display that will make an impression. Including cars, trucks or trailers that are covered in vehicle wraps or vehicle lettering, can be the difference you need to impact the audience you are trying to reach. Large crowds will be able to see a well-executed vehicle wrap from far away and vehicle wraps have been proven to make thousands of impressions at events.

Some of the best event marketing opportunities to use vehicle wraps as part of your display include:

Food Trucks

Food trucks are very popular in Toronto and are a very engaged and social experience. Make your food truck even more popular by adding a vehicle wrap that Toronto customers can’t ignore! Bringing your food truck to festivals and events where the competition will be high means that you need to make your food truck stand out. A vehicle wrap will create brand awareness and will help you establish brand recognition so that you stand out at any event you participate in.

Trade Shows & Conferences

Attending these events as a brand is great because you get a large audience that is interested in your brand or your products.  But there is a ton of saturation at these types of events and if your business doesn’t do something to stand out, you will get lost in the crowd and miss out on engaging with tons of potential customers.  Push your brand presence out of the norm and use a car or truck with a branded vehicle wrap to turn heads, and lead people to your space ready to engage and connect.

Putt For The Planet Sail Custom Sign

Concerts & Festivals

People attending concerts and festivals are always ready for fun and social experience.  There are many concerts and festivals which are organized locally, and using branded vehicle wraps in Toronto goes well with this type of event atmosphere and can be a powerful accessory to draw people over and hand out free samples or products or share details of an exciting new contest.  As with trade shows and conferences, concerts and festivals can be very crowded and your brand will need something to stand out and to attract attention or else you may find your opportunities to engage to be limited.  Don’t miss those opportunities – be sure to explore what vehicle wraps can do for your brand before your next event marketing execution.

SSK Signs will continue to provide our customers with up to date trends and benefits of using vehicle wraps and vehicle lettering to enhance marketing and branding efforts.  Because vehicle wraps can be changed, feel free to contact us about creating something new for event marketing purposes, even if you currently are utilizing vehicle wraps on your company vehicles.

Give us a call at 905 282 2225 – we have extensive experience working with vehicle wraps and are always ready to work on unique and impactful signs that will boost your company’s results

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