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Vehicle Wrap for a Sailboat

SSK Signs has hit the high seas! SSK Signs has installed many vehicle wraps on road vehicles, but our latest wrap creation and installation was on a sailboat.  Yes we can wrap your boat and put graphics on your sails.

A recent customer wanted to change the colour of his sailboat’s hull and install graphics on his sails for a special event, a Putt for the Planet event.

Putt for the Planet hosts participant –based putting competitions where all of the proceeds from the competition are donated to local and global causes.  The organization’s mandate is to bring awareness to green innovation and clean water conservation in communities throughout the world. Contact Putt for the Planet at

SSK Signs changed the hull of our customer’s sailboat to a royal blue and added graphics to the main and jib sails with Putt for Planet’s slogan and logo. Our customer was pleased with the results.

Putt for the Planet

Putt for the Planet Sailboat Colour Change and Sail Graphics

So if you are in the market to change the colour of your road or seafaring vehicle, contact SSK Signs today to discuss the many possibilities for the wrap of your choice. We are conveniently located in north Mississauga for our all of our GTA customers.  Follow us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter for up to date happenings at SSK Signs.

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