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Uses for 3D Dimensional Letters on the Exterior of a Building

Dimensional lettering is the industry term for the common 3D logos and letters now seen everywhere. It can be used both as outdoor signage and indoor signage. The most common application is building identification signs. They are affixed to the exterior of the structure.

Dimensional installed on a building sign


A lot of dimensional signs exist for your business to take advantage of. Careful selection will make a large difference in the generation of new interest and consequently new business. The 3D dimensional signs has a unique appearance which other signs cannot match. The presence of depth grabs the eye. It is much more unique compared to an illuminated sign or an cut vinyl letters.

  •  Flexibility of design: You can fabricate a broad design range in the three dimensional format. Contrary to popular perception, 3D signs are not restricted by their appearance. They can be crafted to suit nearly every need.
  • Wide range of materials: You can place 3D dimensional letters both outdoors and indoors. This is possible as 3D signs can be crafted from a large range of materials. Almost anything can be used-from metal to acrylic and even wooden and foam are possible.
  • Crafted and polished appearance: If you want a sign that looks both refined and elegant, 3D signage will satisfy the need. As any design can be crafted in 3D, it is possible to craft a sign which will be instantly noticeable in a crowd. A three dimensional sign has helped businesses to increase the profile and also to boost profits.
  • Colour. Depending on the material selected there is a wide range of colours available. Custom colours and veneers provide the range of colours to support your image and brand identity guidelines.
  • Much better return for your investment: Every business wants to stretch their dollar spend to the max. Three dimensional signs are an excellent technique to ensure that the advertising budget is utilized in a smart way.
  • Durable and lasting: As three dimensional signs can be crafted from durable materials like steel, it is possible to craft 3D signs which will remain functional for many years. This is one of the reasons as to why they make for a great investment.

Dimensional describing products available install on building exterior

Crafting the signs

There are large range of design options. It follows that even with their frequency of use, the signs do not appear as standard. A wide range of materials are utilized to craft three dimensional letters, symbols or logos.

  • Metal dimensional letters: These occupy higher end of cost spectrum regardless of whether the letters are of cast metal or metal cut by laser or cnc equipment. Finishes can be anodized, clear coated or painted. Brushed or polished surfaces can be accomodated.
  • Formed plastic letters: These are durable and come with a  broad range of colours and styles.
  • Painted HDU: The HDU or High Density Urethane is an affordable option. It is mold and moisture resistant. They also do not crack when exposed to elements.
  • Acrylic letters: These are available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8 inch to 1 inch. If there is a need for increased dimension, the acrylic can be mounted to a sign foam of maximum 3 inches thick. Custom colours can be back painted on acrylic letters.
  • Exterior letter foam is two pound foam with metal faces. It makes for an economical option with excellent lifespan.
  • PVC letters are generally painted to match colours. They however suffer from limited lifespan.

Dimensional letters of company name on business in Brampton

Lighting 3D dimensional letters

Exterior lights on your sign allow them to be seen into the night. Check with your landlord and city bylaws to ensure they are allowed. Always use a qualified electrician to install lights.

Grow your brand and increase your sales with the installation of appealing 3D letters.

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