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It’s Time For A Spring Sign Audit

One of the only constants we can count on is change. While in most cases, change usually leads to something good, which does not mean that it won’t take some efforts to get through it. Corporate signage can be one of those things that gets overlooked when changes occur.  As such, we recommend adding a sign audit to your Spring cleaning list to make sure that all your corporate signage is up to date and accurate. You don’t want to have one of those building signs in Mississauga that is still promoting last summer’s promotions!

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What To Look For During A Sign Audit

Even if the professional signs for your business still look great in shape, they need to be audited at least once a year to ensure that they still convey the correct information. Both indoor and outdoor signs for business are key tools in your branding and marketing efforts so it is worth taking the time to make sure they still reflect messages and information that is consistent and accurate.

When you complete a sign audit, take notice of the following:

  • Is the logo used on your corporate signage the correct version? If your logo design or logo colours have changed, your signage needs to be updated. Similarly, if your company is using a special logo to commemorate a milestone or anniversary, make sure all your signs are updated accordingly.
  • Do your office directories still accurately let people know where to go? If you have had parts of your office move or people who no longer work with the company, be sure that your signage gives the right information. It is a good idea to do quick walk through and make sure that directional information given by your corporate signage is easy to follow.
  • Take a scan at the indoor and outdoor business signs that were used for any promotions, sales or limited time offers. Any information that refers to something that is no longer in effect should be promptly removed.
  • Is your contact information still correct and up to date on all professional signs? Your hours of operation, phone number, email address and even social media details should be audited for accuracy.

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Once you’ve confirmed that the information conveyed by your professional signs is correct, you can also take a look at the physical shape of your signs. Spring is also a great time for signage upgrades and to plan your signage needs for upcoming events or promotions so that the building signs for your Mississauga business look their best.

After you conduct your spring signage audit and realize that there are some things that need to be updated, contact SSK Signs. We specialize in making sure that your Mississauga area business will have professional looking signage that represents your brand and business values. With experience in just about every type of sign, we can work with you to make sure you get what your business needs.

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