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Three Tips For Designing The Best Vehicle Wraps & Fleet Wraps In Toronto

If you’ve been considering a truck wrap or a car wrap in Toronto to promote your business, you might be wondering how your vehicle wrap should be designed to maximize its impact. While many local businesses use car wraps in Toronto, not every wrap is effective! To create a custom vehicle wrap that attracts attention and creates a memorable impression, remember these three tips:

Fleet Wrap for Strongco in Mississauga

Avoid Too Much Text

Remember, nobody is going to stop and read lengthy passages of text on your vehicle. Most people will only look at your vehicle wrap for a few seconds, which means you don’t have a long time to let passersby know your company name, what services/products you offer, and your contact information. Think of your vehicle wrap as a mobile billboard. Your wrap should be focused on images that represent your brand, such as your logo and images related to your business. You should also include your brand name in large letters, your phone number and/or website, and your tagline. That way, people will be able to quickly grasp if your business relates to a service/product that interests them and they’ll remember your name to google later. They might also take a photo of your vehicle, so they can remember your phone number later.

Aim To Stand Out

Effective vehicle wraps require a balanced amount of colour and imagery. A plain white van with a small logo on the side doors won’t stand out, which means you won’t attract the attention of potential customers. A vehicle wrap that doesn’t attract attention and get more eyes on your brand name won’t work hard for your business. However, a vehicle wrap that’s too cluttered with images and colours won’t make an impact, either. People looking at your wrap will be too distracted by the visuals to remember your logo and name. The best vehicle wrap will be colourful and visual enough to attract attention, but not so busy that it detracts from the information you want to convey.

Be Simple & Obvious

Your wrap should simply and quickly show viewers what your business is about and your messaging. If it’s not immediately obvious to people that your brand is relevant to their needs and interests, they’ll move on and you’ve lost an opportunity with a potential customer. Consider the primary thing you want people to remember when they look at your wrap: your name and what you do. If you try to be too clever with your messaging or your branding is lost in visuals that aren’t relevant to your business, your wrap won’t capture the attention of your target audience. Aim to create a wrap that is readable at a distance and simply expresses what your business offers.

SSK Signs: High-Quality Custom Signs & Vehicle Wraps In Toronto

For high-quality and custom-made car wraps in Toronto, contact SSK Signs to learn more about our vehicle wraps and request a quote. Whether you need a single car wrapped or an entire fleet, we can do it all. Our expert team will work with you to create a custom wrap that expresses your branding, helps people remember your company’s name, and creates a professional image. Explore the vehicle wraps we made for Strongco and give us a call to learn how our custom vehicle wraps can transform your company vehicles into effective advertising tools.

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