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Strengthen Brand Awareness with Corporate Signage

Every business owner wants people to notice their business, and there are many options when it comes to getting better results from your marketing efforts. Ideally, you should invest in opportunities that will help you strengthen your brand and make your business stand out. Corporate signage can be an excellent way to increase your branding in a tangible way, and give your business a competitive advantage by increasing recognition and the ability to remain top of mind. The more times your brand pops up where your customers might be, the more often they will think of your business.

Corporate signage

When customers see your logo, or any representation of your business, you want them to immediately recognize the quality of your product or service. Professional corporate signage gives you the opportunity to use multiple touch points to reinforce your brand. Rest assured that your signage doesn’t have to be boring, simple or standard. Unique items like wall coverings and custom banners can be added to your signage strategy to strengthen awareness and showcase a bit of your company’s personality.

Tips For Strengthening Your Brand With Signage

Before you make big plans for a new corporate signage strategy, be sure you take the time to review some key tips and information that will help support your success.

1. Know the rules.

Before you develop any signage, find out what regulations, restrictions, or permits may be required in your city or by your property management company. For example, you might be prohibited from having lighted signs exceed a certain size or your outdoor signs may need to follow guidelines consistent with the office tower or retail centre.

2. Function can be branded.

Most people tend to think about branding the bigger corporate signage they use, but you can also use your branding on wayfinding signs, lobby signs, promotional signage, wall coverings, and much more. While it’s true that your outdoor sign needs to be powerful and effective to be seen by your target customers, you should complete a full audit of all the signage your company can use and make sure every piece builds and strengthens your brand.

3. Materials matter.

Three-dimensional signs can offer great opportunities for branding, but know what other materials choices are available for your signs. Materials options include acrylic, metal, wood, or foam. Which one would reinforce your brand identity?

4. Be consistent.

Whether you’re developing custom banners, directional signs for inside your business, or lighted signs, all your corporate signage must have a consistent brand identity. Use the same colours, logos, fonts, and personality throughout your signage to help cement your brand.

Lighted signs

5. Plan for change.

There’s a lot more to good corporate signage than just the sign on the outside of business. Once you’ve developed a brand, reinforce it with temporary signs including posters, window graphics, and wall murals. Plan to change or increase signage for different seasons, events, or promotions to take full advantage of being visible in a consistent and effective manner.

6. Keep it up to date and in good condition.

You will need to regularly assess all signage to ensure that it remains in good condition and still properly represents your brand and your business. Outdated and incorrect information displayed on signage can be extremely detrimental to building trust and a positive relationship with your customers.

Find The Right Signage Partner To Help You Build Your Brand

In order to develop professional corporate signage, you will need to work with a full service signage company that can help you translate your company’s vision and mission into signs that use your logo, colours, and fonts to strengthen your brand and make your business stand out. SSK Signs is committed to providing clients with leading-edge sign solutions and takes pride being able to offer unique ideas and options. Call us today at 905-282-2225 to request a quote or to find out more about how we can help you.

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