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Sidewalk Signs

Custom Made Lawn Signs in Toronto. ON

Not sure your Toronto business needs another sign? Custom sidewalk signs offer enormous potential when it comes to providing extra advertising possibilities. If people are constantly walking back and forth in front of your location, why wouldn’t you want to take that opportunity to tell them again who you are and what you’re selling?

Outdoor sidewalk signs put your message right into a potential customer's line of sight. In fact, even if someone doesn’t look up to see your storefront sign, chances are they’ll see your A-frame sidewalk signs simply because it will be directly in front of them. This important point is what makes these cost-effective signs so enticing to Toronto and Mississauga area businesses.

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Types of Sidewalk Signs

At SSK Signs, we have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to adding signage to your sidewalk space. With many styles and designs available, we can help you find the right option to suit your specific needs. Designed for convenient transporting and to withstand outdoor elements, Toronto sidewalk signs can be just what you need to attract more people inside your business.

So, now that you’re no longer wondering ‘what is sidewalk signage,’ let’s take a look at some of the different options to consider:

  • Plastic custom A-frame sidewalk signs are manufactured using durable polyethylene, making them virtually indestructible. They won't dent or splinter, which means they are great for high-traffic areas.
  • Metal sidewalk signs are most commonly made using an aluminum snap-open frame or a steel A-frame. Metal signs do look a bit more upscale and offer a more elegant presence.
  • Sandwich boards for businesses offer changeable letter boards or can be made as marker boards, which are most commonly used in the food service industry.

Most sidewalk signage is lightweight and easy to fold, which makes it convenient to use. Employees won’t struggle with taking the signage in and out on a daily basis.

Uses of Sidewalk Signs

As a trusted sidewalk sign manufacturing company in Toronto, we know that just about every business in every industry can benefit from sidewalk signs.

  • Realtors frequently use A-frame signage for advertising open houses or property listings.
  • Yard service and landscaping companies use these signs for advertising their work.
  • Restaurants and cafes use marker a-frame signs to list specials and features, hoping to draw in a hungry crowd.
  • Retail businesses post promotions and sales in order to create more interest.
  • Companies of all types post quotes or jokes to engage with customers and hope they’ll be drawn in enough to enter.

No matter what type of signage you choose for your sidewalk space, focus your message on what will draw customers in. For example, why not emphasize what makes your Toronto business unique over your competitors? Showcase your lower prices, better selection, or your free gift with purchase. Make use of the opportunity to target your advertising to customers that are right at your Mississauga doorstep and share a message that invites them in!

Sidewalk Signs Near Me

As a business owner, you want any signs used on your sidewalk to be simple yet effective. At SSK Signs, we’ll help your Toronto area business create the right signs that will make your next customer the one already standing at your doorstep. Sidewalk signs have been successful for years, and since they’re a relatively inexpensive sign choice, the cost of sidewalk signs is more than worth it. To find out more about this type of signage for your business, contact us.


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