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Rebranding Ideas: The Role of Signage in Rebranding

Business owners know that to continue to grow and evolve, change is sometimes needed. If your brand image and business persona have become outdated, bland, or boring, it may be time to consider corporate rebranding.

While it can feel like a risky option, rebranding with signage is a cost-effective way to update your look and to captivate your audience once again. New signage, both interior and exterior, can boost brand identity, improve customer experience, and even increase foot traffic and sales.

Where to Start When Rebranding with Signage

As you consider corporate rebranding, take some time to determine what changes you want to see. While a new look for your Mississauga business is likely what you’re after, does that include a change in brand colours, logo, fonts, and overall messaging? Be sure you know what you want your new image to accomplish, whether that be appealing to a new demographic or simply refreshing your overall look.

Once you determine your strategic approach to rebranding, you can begin to create a plan for new signage.

Outdoor Signs

From updating the font or colours used in your channel letters, to adding additional architectural signage like a monument signs or window graphics, there are countless ways to get customers to notice you. Adding illumination to new outdoor signs is a great way to elevate their impact and help customers notice what’s new and different about your brand image.

Indoor Signs

While exterior rebranding signs can entice people passing by, it’s so important that your indoor signs follow suit. Each signage element should work in connection with your new overall vision and actively engage both employees and customers. With so many options to work with, make sure you commit to effective indoor signage which can include wayfinding signs, wall graphics, point of sale signs, banners, lobby signs, and more. Help your customers embrace your new brand by making their experience a positive one.

How SSK Signs Can Help

As an experienced full-service signage partner, SSK Signs can guide your Mississauga business through every step of your corporate rebranding. Let our team support your signage needs and eliminate the complexities of a signage project by dealing with design, permits, fabrication, and installation. We’ll work with you every step of the way to produce results that connect with your customer demographic and help set your business apart from the rest. If you’re working on rebranding, let us create all the signage you’ll need to be successful. Contact us today to get started.

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