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Perfectly Placed Lobby Signs to Boost Your Brand

Lobby signs are an important addition to every business, as they serve as variety of purposes. These signs let visitors know that they’re in the right place and enhance the professional appearance of your business. They also raise brand awareness through the use of your company’s name, font, colours, and logo. What’s more, your business’s professional look will give your visitors more faith in your products and services, and your employees will feel happier and motivated knowing that they work for a company that takes pride in its brand and appearance. If you’re considering creating a custom lobby sign in Mississauga for your business, there are four places you can install your new sign for maximum effect:

Lobby Area
It seems obvious that a lobby sign would go inside a lobby, but where the sign is placed makes all the difference. The most appropriate location for your sign really depends on the layout and size of the room, and where your visitor’s eyes are most likely to gravitate when they enter the premises. For most buildings, this location will be opposite the door. However, it may not be logical to place a sign opposite the door if the room is large. In that case, you may wish the place the sign along a side wall near the entrance so it’s still easily visible but doesn’t require the visitor to walk too far to view up-close.

Lobby signs

Reception Area
Lobby signs can also be placed in reception areas to add a more cohesive appearance to your business. Many businesses, such as medical offices, have multiple people that a visitor may need to book appointments with (for example, a dental office with dentists, hygienists, and orthodontists). Placing a lobby sign inside the reception area will reinforce that your company is comprised of a team working under the same brand name. You can also list the names of your employees beneath the sign, along with their titles. The best location for this type of sign is around the reception desk, as your visitors will immediately see it while checking in.

Waiting Room
Waiting rooms are a great place to install lobby signs. Visitors are usually looking around their environment while waiting for their appointment, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to reinforce your brand? Lobby signs also enhance the professional appearance of your business, which can be reassuring to new visitors sitting in your waiting room. Beneath your sign, you might want to include some information about your company, such as the products and services you offer, to educate visitors and pique their interest about your other offerings.

Lobby Signs Mississauga

Smaller businesses may not have a lobby, waiting, or reception area, especially if you rent an office space in a commercial building. However, you can still take advantage of the benefits a lobby sign can offer by installing it in the hallway outside your office. A lobby sign outside your office will inform visitors of where you’re located, and raise brand awareness by letting passersby know what your business is about. You may need permission from the building owner to install the sign, as the building owner may have regulations regarding signage types, sizes, and materials, etc. Professional signage companies like SSK Signs can create and install custom signs that adhere to all regulations reinforced by property managers and municipalities.

Enhance Your Business with Custom Lobby Signs in Mississauga

For the highest quality signage to promote your business and raise brand awareness, contact the experts at SSK Signs. We create custom interior and exterior signage and vehicle wraps for businesses in all industries. SSK Signs is dedicated to providing our customers with quality-made and perfectly installed signs that match their needs and brand aesthetic. For more information about our signs and vehicle wraps, contact us for a free consultation and quote.



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