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Mounting Options for Lobby Signs

The sign installed in the lobby of your office reflects your image to clients. While the exterior business signs show the name, logo and the address of your company, the interior lobby signs build your company’s image. The signs should be designed to sell your brand. It makes excellent business sense to hire expert designers and experienced production teams that could replicate the vision you have for your company into a sign. They should also have skills with graphics so that customers can have a high recall value for your business.


Flush mounted lobby sign on back painted glass

There are a number of mounting options which will permit you to manufacture a custom office sign. Multiple mounting options are available for metal letters, metal logos, plastic letters, plastic logos, illuminated letters, and illuminated logos.

Dimensional letters flush mounted


Flush mounted letters

They make an excellent cost-effective method to highlight any place of business. They attract the attention of onlookers quite easily. Dimensional letters – also known as 3D letters – could be directly mounted to the exterior wall. This is termed as stand-off, where there is a gap between the back of the letter and the wall, or flush mount, where there is no gap between the letter and the wall. It can also be affixed to sign structures like monument signs, wall signs, and panel and post signs. Exterior lighting is generally used to illuminate the faces. They are available in all kinds of shapes, finishes, colours and sizes along with standard and custom fonts. There are endless design possibilities. The popular applications are lobby signs and also way-finding directional signs. These signs are flush-mounted with silicone and/or VHB tape. There could also be a stand-off with the studs.

Stud mount


The letter backs are first drilled and then tapped to receive the threaded studs. These studs are then pressed into the pre-drilled wall holes. They are then secured with anchors or adhesive or both depending on the letter weight and wall type.

Acrylic sheet mounted with stand offs

Standoffs describe the small diameter posts which are used to suspend or assemble acrylic panels away from the wall. These function as spacers lying between backing and surface glazing panels. Mounting styles are of two kinds: sandwich mount and face mount. The former uses two sheets to pin unmounted images between them and the second involves the print being applied to a clear sheet. This creates the effect of depth.

Illuminated letters and illuminated logos

The wall mount involves using screws to secure letters onto walls or a raceway is used.The raceway or rail mount is made possible by rails or raceways that secure the letters with screws. The size and type must match letter mounting surface and weight type. The holes are pre-drilled into the letter backs by the installer and the screws pass through the plastic and into the mounting surface. Anchors or washers or both could be needed.

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