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Lobby Sign Ideas: How to Improve Your Office

When guests enter your lobby, an impressive sign could be the first thing they see. This is your chance to make a great first impression – and stand-out office lobby signs offer you this opportunity. Your signage will let your professionalism shine and add style to your lobby.

There are several sign options to choose from so that you can select just the right style for your workplace. Here are some ideas:

Illuminated and Backlit Lobby Signs

Get ready to showcase your branding in its best light with lighted signs for your lobby. Adding illumination to your sign will help it get noticed and create a focal point when people enter. Plus, you have some choices when it comes to lighting styles. So, you can be sure to select just the right kind of lighting that will accentuate your sign best.

Wall Graphics

This type of office lobby sign is an easy and cost-effective way to transform your entrance area. Vinyl graphics are versatile and can be used to create an inviting environment when your guests arrive. You can use the graphics to display messages and images that align with your brand using wall cut-outs, stickers, traditional decals, or block-cut vinyl.

Dimensional and 3D Lobby Signs

If you’re looking for a sign that stands out – literally – then dimensional and 3D signs are a great choice. You can spell out your business name and logo with flat stock materials that are three-dimensional in nature. You can select materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, acrylic, and more to get just the right look for your lobby.

Metal and Engraved Signs

These signs will add a distinct style to your business. Choose from classic aluminum signs for a sleek, modern finish or vintage-looking metal signs for a unique look. Metal signs can be installed in many ways, depending on your business needs. You can rely on their durability so that your signs look great for years to come.

Custom Office Signs from SSK Signs

To truly improve your office with impressive signage, custom office signs are key. Generic signage won’t separate you from the rest. With personalized signs, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind sign that’s unique to your business. You can incorporate elements of your branding, specific colours, fonts, and images so that your brand is well-represented.

At SSK Signs in Mississauga, Ontario, we’ll help your business make custom signs a reality. We’re a local sign company that provides service, solutions, and know-how to help you achieve your signage goals.

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