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How Vehicle Graphics Can Build Your Brand Fast

Does your company have trucks or vans that deliver services or products or employees that are out on the road a lot? If so, vehicle wraps or vehicle lettering can be an essential communication tool for securing new customers. When you choose to brand your company vehicles, you are essentially sending out roving billboards. And since those vehicles are going to be on the road, branded or not, why wouldn’t you choose to make them part of your marketing strategy and let them draw attention to your brand?

According to a Canadian Marketing Association, in 2011 Canadian workers spent an average of 51 minutes commuting to and from work daily. While commuting times were highest in big cities like Toronto, the amount of time that Canadians spend in cars no matter where they live only continues to increase. In addition, research from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), has shown that vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising.

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So people are in their cars or in traffic more than ever and vehicle wraps have a proven ROI? Ready to brand those vehicles yet? As with all forms of advertising, there are tips and techniques that will help you create the most effective vehicle signage to help you quickly build brand awareness and we discuss them below.

  1. Connect Your Brand. Even though the opportunities for brand awareness exist with vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps, you still need it to connect with your brand in a quick and obvious way. Your vehicle will often be moving and people need to know in just a few seconds that it is your brand they are looking at. With the advancement and creativity options for vehicle signage, you can go beyond just listing your phone number and website and really make your vehicles live your company branding.
  2. Size. The type of vehicles you are working with will obviously impact what type of vehicle signage you can do. Vans and trucks will have more space to work with and give you some more options to work with so you may want to have more than one design for different types of vehicles. You also have to consider the shape and spaces that have to be accommodated – doors, handles, etc. Working with a signage expert will ensure that you are safely wrapping the vehicle and not compromising the driver’s ability to drive.
  3. Keep It Simple and Clear. As mentioned, there is so much more to vehicle wraps than slapping on your phone number and website. But you also have to remember not to oversaturate the message and make the vehicle graphics too complicated. You don’t want people to remember the cool image on the car but have no idea what company it was from!

Make this year the year that your brand is popping up everywhere your customers are. SSK Signs has experience and knowledge in creating and installing top quality vehicle wraps and vehicle lettering for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Our solutions focused approach will help you determine the best options for your vehicles and we’ll work with you to get everything just right. Call us at 905 282 2225 to learn more about how we can use your vehicle to get your brand top of mind.

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