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Great Locations for Floor Graphics

Advertising can be considered effective only if it grabs the attention of the target market. This is important as people are inundated with marketing messages every day. An average individual glances through an average of 10,000 advertisements every day. This includes advertising which does not even register in the brain.

Custom floor graphics installed in Mississauga

Floor graphic of a fish pond

It is thus imperative to deduce clever and new ways to advertise. Since most ads are by default processed in our brain as noise, it is impossible to process them all. The floor thus makes a prime opportunity to halt prospective- and existing- customers in their tracks and redirect their attention towards a particular store, a promotion, and influence their behaviour.

It is simple to find a few locations excellent for floor graphics

Choose high traffic areas to place your floor graphics

Location is extremely important. The floor graphics must be positioned in areas which enjoy high traffic, like the sidewalk in front of the target store, inside the front door, and also beside the important products. These will ensure the maximum visibility. It is not enough that you have grabbed their attention- there is also a requirement to increase the interest after you get the attention.

You should choose the advertising location depending on the aim of your advertisement or campaign. There is no mandatory requirement to place store advertisements near the physical store, or they would only function exclusively for real world commercial establishments. Promotion can be done anywhere the audience spends their time. This can be extremely effective in a consumer culture where people see more of their smartphone screens by looking down rather than looking around them.

Stand out of the herd

Custom floor graphics is a potent advertising tool. You can have your desired shapes, clever and short copy, and vibrant colours. These will together maximize the visual impact of the advertisement.

Short and sweet

The message must be kept direct and simple, depending on the floor decal purpose. Consider the graphic size, purpose and location prior to writing and selecting the copy. Settle for words that demand immediate action. Regard them as short headlines.

Utilize contrasting colours

It is a wise idea to utilize contrasting colours in the design to stress the portion of the message that needs the prospect’s complete attention. Choice of contrast colours is dependent on the areas surrounding the concerned floor graphic so that there will be maximum impact. The type and colour of floor must be taken into account to make the most of the initiative.

One aim at one time

Decide on a single goal and a metric that you will promote and track. When you concentrate on a single goal, the chances of success improve.

  • Expectations campaigns: This is applicable if you are going to announce the opening of any store or will launch a product. This involves launching the graphic ads in series. The ads will reveal the goal slowly, thus whetting the curiosity of prospects and the brand will be memorable as a consequence.
  • Direct traffic: Place directions or arrows in case you want the customer to walk towards a particular store.
  • Organize warehouse or store: Use floor graphics as labels if you organize them in-store.
  • Instant response: Use graphics to make people stand in a certain place and take photos. This will increase brand recall value.
  • Track the campaigns: You can also add a QR code or hashtag if you want to track the number of people interacting with the advertisement.

You should choose a floor graphic which has high quality materials. The best material will incorporate slip resistance and have protective wear resistant laminates. Durability is a measure of quality. Select the option which will keep your graphic looking pristine for the entire campaign

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