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Give Your Business a New Look with Storefront Channel Letters

Is it time for a new sign for the storefront of your Mississauga business? It can be hard to wade through all the options available and choose the best one for your needs. While you’ve probably heard that illuminated channel letters are worth considering, it’s important that you understand the basics of this type of signage before you make any decisions.

Simply put, a custom channel letter sign is a three-dimensional signage structure that can include separate illumination. The signage can include any letter, number, or other character combined together to create a complete company name and logo presentation. Fabricated using aluminum sheets and acrylic, these business signs offer flexibility and can be made using a variety of colours, fonts, and sizes.

Types Of Custom Channel Letter Signs That Command Attention

In order to understand how channel letters can revitalize your storefront, let’s first review what type of options exist.

  • The most common type is front-lit or standard channel letters.
  • Reverse, back-lit, or halo channel letters can offer a more unique and elegant look. If you want illuminated channel letters, these are a great option as the illumination creates a “halo effect,” giving each letter more prominence.
  • A combination of letter and illumination styles can be the right mix. For some stores, using business signs that have blue illuminated letter faces and a red halo effect can be the right design to help them to stand out from the competition.

If you’re still debating whether or not custom channel letters are what you want for your storefront, it’s time to think long term. Remember that signs aren’t like a typical advertising investment and will last much longer than an ad or direct mail. You may have a higher upfront cost if you choose to invest in effective channel letters, but once the sign is installed, it will cost you only dollars a day with little to no maintenance costs, but you’ll increase your visibility exponentially.

In fact, the LED lights used for illuminated channel letters are extremely energy efficient. So, not only will you be increasing the visibility of your Mississauga storefront, but you’ll be sinking a lot less money in your energy bills, too, especially if you currently have an older, conventionally-lit sign.

Outstanding Illuminated Channel Letters from SSK Signs

There’s no question, adding professional channel letters to your storefront will help elevate your business. However, understand that choosing an experienced and top quality sign company, like SSK Signs, will ensure you get storefront signage you can be proud of. Low-quality lit channel letters can start to dim after a short period of time and can even crack and fade well before they should. At SSK Signs, we only use high-quality materials so that our clients get an outstanding sign every time. Contact us to learn more about working together.

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