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Get Creative with Storefront Signs to Bring in More Customers

The goal of storefront signs is to not only mark the location of your business but to also grab the attention of any prospective customer passing by and inspire them to stop and come in. An effective storefront sign is essential for any location and should always include basics such as your company name, logo and what you offer.

However, there is so much more you can do to increase your marketing success by getting creative when it comes to the front of your Mississauga store. From choosing a fabric storefront sign or a digital storefront sign, don’t settle for something basic that doesn’t help to tell your business story.

Creative Ideas To Make Your Storefront Stand Out Using Great Signage

As mentioned, most storefront signs contain identifying details but ensuring you have a properly designed and persuasive sign for your store takes more than a templated design.

In order to make the signage outside your store work for you, here are some helpful tips that you can use to create compelling signs that support success.

  • Include graphics – A sign or symbol can be more appealing than using just words. The graphics should have the right context and convey a useful message about your business. Fabric storefront signs are a great option if you want to display an image of your product. If you need help coming up with creative ideas, working with a sign specialist like SSK Signs can be the best way to craft something that works for your needs.
  • Choose the right size – You need to really think about what will capture people’s attention and how you can increase your visibility. No matter what size, keep in mind that the message needs to be clear and concise. Ideally, your storefront sign should be noticeable from a distance and from more than one angle.
  • Make it appealing – Your signage will affect the curb appeal of your location, so it’s vital that it appeals to your clients. It can be as simple as adding colourful details that appeal to kids or using a digital storefront sign to keep people up to date on the latest deals and sales you’re offering.
  • Use the right font – Not all fonts are created equal! There is so much you can convey based on the font you choose. While you need to ensure it is easy to read, don’t be afraid to choose something bold that compliments your brand while still remaining consistent with your other marketing pieces. Keep your client’s preference in mind and then work to create something memorable that will easily draw people in.

SSK Signs Can Create the Storefront Signs You Need

Don’t leave such an important part of your marketing and branding strategy to chance. In order to get a truly creative sign that highlights your Mississauga space, you need to work with a signage company that can provide unique and creative options. SSK Signs knows what great signage can do for a business and we’ll work hard to create storefront signs that bring more customers through your door. To find out more about working with our expert team, contact us today.

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