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Frosted Film: More Than Window Decoration

If you are under the impression that frosted film is only a decorative solution, then think again! There are several key business benefits, including: 

  • Reducing overhead costs by keeping sunlight from going to battle against your air conditioning system in the summer.
  • Improving comfort by keeping your office — and hence, your employees and customers — from overheating in the winter.
  • Increasing productivity by reducing or eliminating annoying and distracting glare from the sun and other light sources like streetlights and headlights.
  • Enhancing health and safety by blocking out harmful UV rays.
  • Protecting assets like furniture, wall coverings and flooring that, over time, fade, or discolour from sunlight exposure.
  • Increasing privacy in a manner that is much more cost-effective and practical than putting up walls to separate offices and teams.
  • Boosting branding and impresses customers, suppliers, vendors, and other visitors with custom banners, lettering, and other options.

Frosted Film

No Size Is Too Big — Or Too Small

Frosted film can be customized to fit any size or shape — from large glass walls, to smaller doors, divisions, and windows. Installation is fast and can be scheduled during quiet hours to minimize any inconvenience or disruption to staff or customers.

Safety Solution

Another notable advantage is that rather than weakening glass, applying frosted film does the opposite: glass becomes stronger. As a result, would-be burglars often avoid targeting businesses with frosted film because the glass is much harder to shatter.

At the same time, stronger glass means that there is less chance an accident — such as a workstation falling off a moving dolly — will lead to a replacement. And if there is a scratch or a chip, repairs are fast and affordable.

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To learn more about the business benefits of frosted film, contact the team at SSK Signs today by calling 905.282.2225 or emailing [email protected]. Our experienced team has the knowledge to create the custom signs and window film your business needs.

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