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Four Surprising Ways Commercial Signage Can Benefit Your Business

For businesses, there are few things more important than making a positive first impression. If you are trying to increase brand awareness and connect with passersby around your brick and mortar locations, strong visuals are key. In fact, you may be surprised to learn just how effective commercial signage can be for your business and your bottom line.

Commercial Signs

The Benefits of Commercial Signs

  1. A well-designed and well-placed commercial sign will increase revenue. If sales have been sluggish, then the solution may be better visibility. Consider redesigning your existing signs and making them more interactive and informational. Customers appreciate the addition of any wayfinding instructions and will instantly start to form a positive impression of your business.
  2. Commercial signage provides an incredibly affordable ROI. Marketing and advertising expenses can add up quickly. Even a simple newspaper ad can cost thousands of dollars and only end up reaching a small audience and an even small percentage of your target demographics. Once you crunch the numbers, you could be paying $2-$3 dollars per view. Television and other mediums can be even more expensive. However, commercial signage can cost just a couple cents for every thousand views. There simply isn’t a better way to reach potential customers and stay within budget.
  3. Commercial signage allows you to connect with people who may have relocated to your area. Residents commonly move to new towns or across town and are forced to become familiar with a whole new neighborhood. Attractive commercial signage with garner the attention of these new customers and increase brand recognition. If you have several locations, they will be happy to see that one of their favourite businesses also has a store in their new location.
  4. The type, location and number of signs will affect their effectiveness. It is important to partner with experienced professionals who can make the most of your signs. Even changes that seem relatively small can drastically increase leads and conversions.

Commercial Sign

If you are interested implementing or improving commercial sign advertising efforts, then contact SSK Signs today. We have the skills and experience to help you develop an effective signage strategy, and will guide you through the entire design and installation process. Working with our team provides incredible value and will allow you to exceed your branding goals. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and start creating the perfect sign for your business.

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