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Five Uses for 3D Dimensional Letters on the Interior of a Building

Dimensional lettering is now observed everywhere. It is being used not only as an exterior signage, but in internal environments as well. The most common use is for the purpose of identification signs. These 3D dimensional letters are affixed to the interior walls of a building.

Uses for 3D Dimensional letters

Your business can take advantage of 3D dimensional letters in a number of ways. Selection of the correct signage material is crucial as the choice affects new interest generation and thus new business. The 3D signs have a special appearance that cannot be matched by other signs. The eye gets attracted by the presence of depth. It is unique when compared to cut vinyl letters or an illuminated sign.

  1. Design flexibility and wide variety of materials: It is possible to craft a wide design range in three dimensional format. The popular perception notwithstanding, three dimensional signs are not limited by appearance. They can easily be crafted to suit every kind of need. This is the reason 3D dimensional letters can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is made possible as the 3D signs could be crafted from a huge range of materials. Anything can be used to make this kind of signage: metal, acrylic, wood, and even foam. They can be used to craft custom logos and branding activities.
  1. Polished look: When you want a sign which is both elegant and refined, the three dimensional signage will satisfy your requirement. Since any kind of design could be 3D crafted, it is quite possible to create a sign that will be quickly noticeable in crowds. An uncountable number of businesses has been assisted by three dimensional signs to increase profiles and also boost their profits.

Acrylic dimensional letters


Acrylic dimensional letters in various colours

  1. Colour: Businesses enjoy a wide selection of colours dependent on the particular selected material. Custom veneers and colours support the image of the company and also guideline the identity of the brand. This makes an impact on both clients and customers alike when they enter the company premises.
  1. Excellent return of investment and stretching the advertisement budget: Every business prefers to maximise the efficiency of every dollar spent. The 3D dimensional signs are a superb method to make sure that advertising budgets are used in smart ways.
  1. Lasting and durable: Since steel and other durable materials can be used to craft three dimensional signs, it is quite possible to make 3D signs which remains in use for a number of years. The three dimensional letters naturally make an excellent investment.

Stainless steel dimensional letters

Crafting 3D dimensional letters

  • A wide range of design options exist for crafting such signs. It is apparent that even if these are common place, the signs continue to appear special. A big bouquet of materials are used to create 3D dimensional letters, logos or symbols.
  • Metal dimensional letters: Such letters cost more than their peers irrespective of how they are made, like cast metal or cut by CNC equipment or laser. The finishes could be painted, anodised or clear coated. The polished or brushed surfaces could be accommodated.
  • Painted HDU: The High Density Urethane or HDU makes an affordable option. It is resistant to both moisture and mold. There will also be no cracks when they will be exposed to letters.
  • Formed plastic letters: The letters are durable and also come with a wide range of styles and colours.
  • Acrylic letters: These are found in a range of thicknesses, starting from 1/8th of an inch to one inch. If there is a requirement for more depth, the acrylic can simply be mounted to sign foam of about three inches thick. The custom colours can also be back painted on the acrylic letters.

Acrylic letters used in a retail environment

It is possible to light three dimensional letters for increased visual effect. If done, lighting must be installed with the help of a qualified electrician.

Contact a professional sign company to learn how best to utilize dimensional letters in your business.

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